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Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, a Theologian, openly declares the target to convert 10 crores Hindus


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Did it disturb you, when you witnessed mushrooming small churches in hinterland of South India? Did it upset you, when you read and hear the news of huge numbers of Sikh and Hindus in Punjab being converted? Did you feel enraged, when you saw pastors with Hindu names fooling naive people to convert? One doesn’t need to demand CBI inquiry to find the modus operandi of conversion machine working day and night. Meet Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, a theologian living in US, who has answered all the above questions in 2 minutes video clip how he plans to convert 10 crores Hindus in coming years. 

Mission Kali, has tweeted a video link of Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, in which he says, “During fifties, India had 2000 to 3000 missionary forces, which was highest that time. Those missionaries were made to leave during seventies as there was restrictions, then. Today 40,000 to 50,000 missionary forces are working to carry the Gospels to different parts of India.” Dr. Timothy C. Tennent is quite satisfied that South Indian Churches are doing remarkable jobs to preach Gospel in North India. That is why Indian Churches are growing rapidly. 

Therefore, Dr. Timothy C. Tennent predicts that India would have 10 crores converts, which would be huge growth of their religion in India. To meet the target of converting 10 crores of Hindus to his religion, Timothy C. Tennent is mapping a big chart of what kind of books and literature would be needed to be translated into Hindi to reach masses.

Who is Dr. Timothy C. Tennent? Dr. Timothy C. Tennent is an American theologian, who is the current president of Asbury Theological Seminary, whose motto is the whole Bible for the whole world. Asbury Theological Seminary is an evangelical Christian seminary based in Wilmore, Kentucky. Seminary is an institution where priests or pastors are trained to spread their religion. 

In layman’s terms Dr. Timothy C. Tennent is tasked to convert 10 crores of Hindus which, he is openly admitting. Therefore, huge man force of pastors with predators eyes are expected to hunt their targets which would be gullible Hindus. Now, the question arises, why does India permit its native to convert? 

Article 25(1) of the Constitution says “all persons,” not just Indian citizens, are equally entitled to the freedom of conscience and the right to profess, practise and propagate religion freely. However, the right to propagate does not mean the right to convert. If conversion forcibly done and not by choice of the person converting, is illegal. 

Dr. Timothy C. Tennent is aware of loophole in Article 25(1), because conversion is carried out by by luring, by bribing and by brainwashing. Such modus operandi of conversion doesn’t come under forceful conversion or against the choice of the person converting. 

Sanatan Dharma is life-breath of Bharatvarsh (India). If ancient faith and culture of land is allowed to be perished in India, if Hindu society ceases to exist, would geographical entity remain as India? Ancient faith and culture of land must be protected and nourished. Therefore, India has a civilisational responsibility to protect, preserve, nurture its ancient faith and culture, which is being eroded due to the “peaceful penetration” of Missionaries. 

India has remained a secular country because Hindus are in majority. Where ever Hindus were reduced to minority by conversion or by genocide (Kashmir) in Indian states, freedom to practice religion, too disappeared. India is the only country where Hindus are the majority of the population, but Hindus never built a nation for themselves as “Hindu Rashtra” unlike Abrahamic religions in the world. 

Hindus never fixed a barricade to protect their faith even if they were invaded and brutalised by foreign invaders for centuries. Today, observing the disturbing reality of deeply rooted eco system of conversion at Indian soil, current generation wish the founding fathers of the nation could have added one word in Article 25(1) of the Constitution that Indian citizens, are equally entitled to the freedom of conscience and the right to profess, practise and propagate only Indic religion freely. And, present government must bring “Anti Conversion Bill” with certain provision which can protect naive natives from being converted. 

Many responsible citizens like “Mission Kali” and “No Conversion” are raising their voices to stop conversion. Dr. Timothy C. Tennent’s clarion call to convert 10 crores Hindus must not be allowed to succeed by alert and watchful eyes of Hindu society. 


  1. Sue this bastard in ICJ, US courts for crimes of humanity, breaking communal harmony, religious assaults, ethnic cleansing…

  2. When we all saw how George Floyd succumbed to death, we all outraged… whole world outraged. Same exact thing these guys are doing…. there it is color (one color feels superior than others)… here it is religious beliefs ….. these people feel their God is superior then every body’s God….they says one will go to hell if not follower of Jesus.

  3. Timothy Tennent and his mercenaries should be gunned down, shot, and killed if he specifically goes to India one more time. Shoot Tim Tennent death if he goes to India. If there are 50,000 Christian missionaries; there should be 5 million Hindu missionaries converting 5 million Christians to Hinduism every year


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