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5th August 2020 – A historic day for which Hindus waited patiently


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5th August 2020 – A historic day for which Hindus waited patiently for 492 years. Unprecedented anywhere in the world that a majority community reposed their faith in the legal system despite decades of delay.

Let’s celebrate 5 Aug 2020 in a way that would make Sri Ram proud of his followers.

The significance can be way more than the construction of the temple. It can be the rebirth of Ram Rajya.

On 5th Aug inviting you to do one good deed to help a Hindu – individual / organization. Donate food, money or objects to a fellow Hindu in your vicinity who needs it. Do it with joy and share the reason.

Make a contribution to a temple or a dharmic organization. If not possible to visit please do so digitally. Check with temples and gaushalas in your hometown who may be in need of funds – especially due to Covid. In fact, use the next couple of days to get the details where such a donation can be made. Involve your family in the discussion and choice. The amount is not the point. Mindful action is.  Make this a way of a life.

Spread the word. Invite every Hindu to join in this cause.

3 years later when we walk into the temple let Sri Ram smile in joy at what he inspired in his devotees.

Jai Sri Ram.

By Savitha Rao


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