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‘Zindagi Ka Safar’ in Dallas – Is Anupam Kher ‘Unaware’ that organizers are from Pakistani Origin??


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India and Pakistan enjoy a unique love and hate relationship. We are arch-rivals, have fought a couple of wars, but still, we have an art and cultural relationship all this while. However, in recent times, the relationship has turned into a dumb squid due to the evil acts of the Pakistani Army and Intelligence agencies.

Since the Uri and Balakot attacks, India and Pakistan have severed all their ties, including commercial, art, sports relationship. India’s soft power, Bollywood has also banned Pakistani artists and this seems not to be over anytime soon. However, there are few instances observed, where Pakistanis are trying to work with Indian artists on foreign land, and in this article, we will be covering such an incident.

For the last few days, we are getting a lot of promotional posts and videos for Anupam Kher’s show ‘Zindagi Ka Safar…‘ which is scheduled for 27th August at 8:01 PM and will be held at The Grand Center, Dallas, Texas.

Here is how Anupam Kher himself is promoting this show.

Credit – Anupam Kher’s Instagram Account

Well, you may think, what’s wrong with this show and what point we are trying to prove. So let’s come to that point, can you see the logo of SunGlow Entertainment and Productions on the left-top corner?

Also, you can see the name and contact numbers of AZ Qasmi and Mohammad Abbas, both are founders and CEO/COO of Sunglow Entertainment & Productions respectively. Both of them are Founders and the Board of Directors for AZ Entertainment group, which is based in the USA.

Now how do you feel if we reveal that both the organizations and these people are of Pakistani origin?

Both AZ Entertainment and Sun Glow Entertainment & Productions are so-called Entertainment and Celebrity Show organizers, their founders are from Pakistan, and they promote Pakistani and Bangladeshi celebrities in North American and Canadian markets, and sometimes they promote and organize shows for Indian Celebrities as well.

Both the organizations work in tandem with the American Pakistani Cultural Society, which is a strong Pakistani society based in the USA. This society is known for organizing many anti-Indian movements in the USA, specially anti-CAA protests.

Why Anupam Kher is working with a group of Pakistani Origin?

Since the Uri and Balakot attacks, there is a severe anti-Pakistani sentiment in India. We have seen several protests against Pakistani artists and players, and since these attacks, there is a complete ban on Pakistani artists in India. At the same time, Pakistan has also banned Indian Artists, and Anupam Kher is among the few actors who were not granted Pakistan’s visa to attend a literary festival in Lahore, and later his movie was not for his show and movie promotion events.

It was Anupam Kher who asked Pakistani Artists to condemn the Uri and other attacks on Indians, but unfortunately, nobody paid any attention to his request. We are failed to understand, why Anupam Kher is associating with organizations founded and managed by people of Pakistani origin for his shows, which could be done with India-based groups or even with the local groups as well.

Pakistani Event Management Groups- Proxies running an anti-Indian campaign

We have seen several instances, where Pakistani-based event management groups are indulged in propagating anti-Indian propaganda, and sometimes they fund Jihadi groups, who work against Indian interests.

Last year we did cover a story on such an Event Manager Rehan Siddiqui who was an apple of the eye for many Bollywood biggies, but later on, he turns out to be an anti-Indian pawn of ISI and the Pakistani establishment. He used to fund the terrorist organizations and fuel anti-Indian movements like anti-CAA protests.

Rehan was blacklisted by Modi Government, and past that several Indian Actors including Salman Khan canceled their association with his organization. This is an open truth that these Pakistani groups earn money by organizing Bollywood shows and then divert those funds to terrorist organizations and create an anti-Indian environment on foreign soil. We have seen several instances where anti-Indian movements and protests were organized in the USA and Canada, the media was also influenced to portray the Indian Government as anti-Muslim.

As far as AZ Entertainment and Sun Glow Productions are concerned, both organizations have Saud Qasmi on board, who has several allegations against him of human trafficking, financial fraud, etc.

Dual Standards of Bollywood?

Well, there is hardly any doubt that Bollywood is highly influenced by Pakistan, and that might be the reason why they collaborate with them, that too amid such gloomy relations between India and Pakistan. Where there is a general anti-Pakistani sentiment in India, our artists are actually cheating our people by proudly collaborating with Pakistani groups.

We are not blaming Anupam Kher or calling him anti-National, but he is an aged man, a mature person, who is capable enough to understand the international dynamics, and how these organizations work to influence innocent people. He should have rejected any such offer to work with these Pakistani organizations. Is that something hard do that? Or Anupam Kher is completely unaware of the Organizers and their background? Well God only knows that.


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