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Why Yogi-ji winning Uttar Pradesh is a foregone conclusion ?

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Those 15 years between 2002 and 2017 were characterized by Gujarat being the epitome of everything that was wrong for the “Liberal ecosystem“. Even the development stories of Gujarat were negated and every single story about Gujarat had to be bad. Even as Modi tried to drum up “Gujarat model”, there were hundreds, if not thousands of articles and posts calling all of it “Photoshopped”. They turned an exception into a pattern. Some over-enthusiastic people sharing an image of Shanghai as Gujarat was used as a default to dismiss all the development in Gujarat.

Modi and Shah were targeted with vengeance between 2004 and 2014 by Sonia Gandhi driven UPA Government. They tried every possible dirty trick to “fix” Modi. They couldn’t even file a FIR. In the end, they had to be happy with jailing Amit Shah. We know he took it as a mission, the “Congress Mukt Bharat” mission. The Darbari media powered by people like Rajdeep Sardesai Rana Ayyub and Karan Thapar made it a life-mission to live in 2002.

All that culminated in 2014. Congress didn’t let go off and attacked Amit Shah even after BJP came to power. The patently fake “Judge Loya” case was continuation of the hunt. And then 2017 happened. Judge Loya has been a distant memory for the Loot-ians gangs today.

Everything wrong in the world today is happening in Uttar Pradesh. Hathras is evil but Alwar won’t be talked. Portrayal of Yogi as “Militant Monk” and all the negative campaigns are into fifth year. Gujarat has fallen off the Radar of “Marxist – Mullah – Missionary” 3M axis. Nobody even knows the name of Gujarat Chief Minister. In short, the Liberal ecosystem is helping Yogi-ji with his second term. This also confirms another fact we all know. Yogi-ji will be Prime Minister of India in 2029.

Tailpiece: India Today will continue to launch and relaunch 60 year old youth icon Rahul Gandhi as the “forever future Prime Minister”.

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