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Why was Hindu and Sikh genocide in Mirpur, POK in 1947 ignored? Why were inhuman crimes of Radical Islamists always hidden in India?


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The last ruler of undivided Jammu and Kashmir (including POJK) was Hindu king, Maharaja Hari Singh. Population of Hindu and Sikhs were in good percentage. After genocide of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990, Kashmir had almost become empty of Hindus. Kashmiri Hindus had been given three options by the Islamic extremists and terrorists: Ralive, Tsaliv ya Galive (either convert to Islam, leave the land, or die). Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus was perpetrated to clear the way for total Islamization of this pious land of Rishi Kashyap. 

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Where did Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir disappear? 

On 25 November 1947, more than 25,000 Hindus and Sikhs were mercilessly slaughtered in the most barbaric way with 3,500 badly wounded by armed Pakistani tribals and Pakistani soldiers to clear the way for total Islamisation. Butchers of Pakistani Islamic radicals couldn’t even give them option either convert to Islam, leave the land, or die. Every year 25 November is remembered as Mirpur Day to pay tributes to Martyrs and victims. 

Before India and Pakistan got freedom from Britishers on 15 August 1947, rebellion had occurred in Poonch and Mirpur districts of undivided Jammu and Kashmir against Maharaja Hari Singh. Taking advantage of rebellion, Pakistani Army conceived a military plan under the code name of “Operation Gulmarg” to attack Jammu and Kashmir with an intention to capture it. It is said that the planning and preparation for Operation Gulmarg reportedly commenced as early as Aug 1947 prior to India and Pakistan got independence from British rule. 

When Maharaja Hari Singh, the ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, was weighing option between merging with India and staying as independent sovereign state, Pakistan under Operation Gulmarg attacked Jammu and Kashmir on 22 October 1947 with tribal militias and its Army to capture It. Panicked Maharaja Hari Singh appealed India for help. To protect Jammu and Kashmir, it was imperative for Maharaja Hari Singh to sign on “Instrument of Accession to India.” Following the merger of Jammu and Kashmir with India, Indian troops were sent to Srinagar on 26 October 1947. This was the first India Pakistan war of 1947-48, which continued till one year and two months. 

When Maharaja Hari Singh had signed on the Instrument of Accession to merge with India on 26 October 1947, it had been celebrated like “Diwali” in Mirpur with lighting of candles and bursting of crackers. 25,000 local Hindus and Sikhs felt they were safe being integral part of India. 10,000 Hindu refugees came from Punjab in Pakistan to Mirpur seeking safe shelter. 

Pakistani tribal militia and Pakistani soldiers entered Mirpur mid November to loot, to massacre and to rape women. Locals did form vigilance groups round the clock with primitive weapons. Youths were assigned the job of vigilance on the rooftops. The vigilance groups did give the strong fight to their enemies. However, Mirpur fell on 25th November 1947. The blood thirsty Pak army and tribal marauder entered the city around 8 a.m. in the morning. Horribly, it was naked dance of deaths and riots.

18000 people were slaughtered in most barbaric way of the human history by Pak army and tribals. 10,000 of the captives were butchered along the way and 5,000 abducted. The survivors, most of them women or children were marched to Alibeg Gurudwara Sahib, but only 2000 could reach. To avoid rape and torture, number of women committed mass suicide by consuming poison before falling into the hands of the militants. Those who didn’t get the poison were killed with swords by their fathers and bothers. Men too committed suicide.

It is said an Arya Samaj school hostel, near Gurdwara Damdama Sahib and Sanatan Dharma Temple, had some 100 girl students then. The hostel superintendent asked the girls to tie their dupattas on their head, jump into the wells. After all the girls jumped to the well, the superintendent too ended her life. The well was so deep that even water was not visible.

Hindus and Sikhs of Mirpur continued to give frantic call to Sheikh Abdullah, then PM of J&K, to Jawahar Lal Nehru, and Mahatma Gandhi. No one came forward to help those hapless victims. 

Did left liberals journalists ever try to tell Hindu and Sikh genocide in Mirpur in 1947? Even massacre of Kashmiri Hindus back in 1990 didn’t generate the outrage. Media woke up after two and a half decades to cover bloodbath and exodus of Kashmiri Hindus. But, the same, liberal eco system defamed and shamed India on international platform for Gujrat 2002, that too after deleting the burning of Sabarmati Express.




  1. Manisha,

    I am survivor of 1947 massacre of Mirpur. You may read my eye witness account ” Forgotten Atrocities: Memoirs of a Survivor of 1947 Partition of India”. Please feel free to use it as a reference. Thanks

  2. Manisha

    I am a survivor of 1947 massacre of Mirpur and was held prisoner in Alibeg ( Mirpur) from 1947-48. You may read my eye witness account in my book published in USA ” Forgotten Atrocities: Memoirs of a Survivor of 1947 Partition of India”.


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