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Why the Deep State defeated Trump and implications for India.


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The American Deep State WINS in the war against Donald Trump. These riots and violence is required to ensure that a public sentment is created and is strong enough to reverse all policy decisions taken by Trump.
China Policy is one of the thorn in the eyes of the Deep State and also China. Biden will very smartly, slowly, and steadily water down the anti-China policy, while Americans will be totally unaware or even end up supporting the same.
The historic drug pricing executive orders signed by Trump that would lower drug prices significantly would be reversed.
Biggest contempt for Trump comes from the Military Industrial Complex. No new wars. Withdrawal from various war theatres. This doesnt help American economy.
Wall Street had a bigger issue with unpredictable nature of Trump that made capital allocation and investment decisions riskier.
Global Left who wants to wage the class struggle against capitalism and bourgeoisie, will end up seeing capitalists take charge and control over Democrat President’s policies. This is how world works. Someone must check investments of Democratic Party Congressmen, Representatives, and Legislators in these companies directly or indirectly.
Status quo returns in US. Period of certainity returns to US. US’ China policy is Nixon and Kissinger’s gift to US and US will find its own way to tackle China or surrender to China.
Most important question that India faces is: How will India attract investments especially in form of companies shifting base from China? Although India wasnt and isnt well placed to compete with smaller South East Asian countries and I had written about that long ago.
Other critical issue for India is the unholy alliance between Global Left and Islam. We are fully aware of how Islamists have infiltrated in Democratic Party and hold key positions in Biden’s team. While there are a couple of Pro-India voices in Biden’s administration, I wonder whether Global Left and Islam will not be able to hurt India. I suspect, Biden Administration’s interference in internal affairs of India would increase and Leftists and Islamists will get an upper hand and many opportunities to target India and India’s policies.
How Modi maneuvers in this minefield is worth watching.


  1. While it is true that the Islamists have infilterated Biden team, I am of the opinion that Biden can not afford not to respect India’s growing presence on the word stage and her growing economic prowess. On the surface, he may not seem pro-India as did Trump-Modi alliance but he will be hard pressed to oppose India in meaningful ways to hamper India’s progress and development. Let us also not forget the master diplomacy of Modi who knows how to build strong alliances and I am waiting to see Modi-Biden hugging each other.


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