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Why so much hatred against Hindus? and ‘They’ call Hindus intolerant


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In a shocking video from Bahrain, a burqa-clad woman was seen throwing Ganpati idols on the floor of a supermarket. In the video, two burqa-clad women can be seen in a supermarket, where multiple Ganesh idols are on display and all of a sudden one women starts throwing them on the floor.

The Women was yelling at the store staff and said that “This is a Muslim country and such idols are not approved to be sold here”. You can watch this video to understand the entire matter.

The video sent shock waves across the world with such a sheer shamelessness shown by those Women. People slammed this denigrated behavior. People reported this issue to the Bahrain Government and now Ministry of Interior has initiated a legal action against that Woman, who will be booked asap.

We failed to understand the reason behind such a grave hatred against people of other faith, especially Hindus. Everyone is free to observe and practice their religion and other practices related to their respective faith, but it seems Muslims have another way of looking into this, they always treat others as inferior to themselves, and never leave an opportunity to sham the faith of people of other religions.

Now they are throwing the Ganesha Idols and no Hindu is taking any aggressive action against them. This is the same community that killed the staff of Charlie Hebdo because they created a sketch of their Prophet Muhammad.

We agree that no one should make a joke of others’ religion, but isn’t this applied to Muslims? and top of that, they call Hindus intolerant and criticize them on the issue of religious freedom. However it is quite evident that Hindus never indulged in such hatred and even after such a deplorable act, none of Hindu organization has attacked these Women.

Even the Media is keeping quiet on such incidents, we have many so called journalists, who never leave any opportunity to accuse and abuse Hindus for any non issue, they write articles and what not. But if the culprit is Muslim, then they observe a deafening silence.

If such an act was done against Muslims, then by now, we would have seen hundreds of ‘Fatwas’ released from all over the world to kill those Women. That’s the basic difference between both the communities and that shows who in Tolerant and Humane.


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