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Why Pseudo Secular Liberal Ecosystem hates Hindu IT Cell??


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Those were the days when anyone used to crack a joke about Hinduism, used to humiliate our religion and ethos, smash our faith with their acts. We have seen numerous such attempts in recent times. They didn’t spare our Gods, our eminent personalities, our Freedom fighters and what not.

Gone are the days when any so called artist could have said anything against Hindus from a public platform. People have started raising their voice against such brutal attempts to denigrate the modesty of Hindus. Though the credit should go to the Hindus as they have realized this Big Game and understood that they have to retort against such malign tactics of these so called Secular Liberal ecosystem.

However, most of the retort comes as resistance or trolling over the Social Media, we were still lacking a mechanism which could have forced these people to not dare such acts in future, and also to make them realize that an action could be taken against them within the ambit of our constitution.

Evolution of Hindu IT Cell

Two Gentlemen, Ramesh Solanki (https://twitter.com/Rajput_Ramesh) and Vikas Pandey (https://twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas) have decided to take these Anti-National and Anti Hindu ‘Bulls’ by horns, they have started an initiative called as ‘Hindu IT Cell’ (https://twitter.com/HinduITCell), which has a sole objective, to stop such propaganda against Hindus and our Nation. And they have been extremely successful in achieving their objective.

Hindu IT cell has started from last couple of months, and within such a short span of time, they have forced multiple anti-hindu artists to apologies or take down their content.

It was Hindu IT cell which takes legal action against any culprit, people tag Hindu IT cell twitter handle wherever they see any obscene content and then Legal team take that forward.

Action of Hindu IT Cell

Hindu IT cell also organizes training sessions for people, and educate them about the process of filing complaints and collecting the digital evidences.

Uproar in Secular Liberal Cabal

The Left Liberal Secular cabal has been shaken by this approach of Hindu IT cell, because they are using the constitutional process, they are not abusing these Artists, they are simply reporting their acts to nearest police station or Cyber Cell and forcing Government to take stern action. Hence now Left Liberal Secular cabal is using a diversionary tactic, they are accusing Hindu IT cell, Ramesh Solanki and Vikas Pandey of suppressing their ‘Freedom of Expression’.

The entire Ecosystem has started a tirade against Hindu IT cell, Comedians like Kunal Kamra has started abusing Hindus and Ramesh Solanki. Ramesh ji is going to take legal action against such comedians very soon.

Ramesh Solanki slams the Anti Hindu Journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani, as she was criticizing the efforts of Hindu IT cell.

Leftist Media has started feeling the pinch with this coordinated effort, and they have started pumping several biased articles to defend those artists who abuse and mock Hindus, here is an example from Scroll website, where they are calling it Hindutva online army.

Going by the same logic, can’t we say all these Liberals, Seculars,Bollywood Gang and Comedians ‘An Anti-Hindutva Army’???

These Comedians are now sharing such Meme

No, these are not mere Jokes, this is a systematic assault on our Hindu Religion, and we cant let you do this anymore.

Freedom of speech cannot be absolute

They abuse our religion, they abuse our Gods, they mock our culture and our beliefs and when someone raise his/her voice, these Gang members comes to their rescue and started crying for ‘Freedom of Expression’. Freedom of Expression is indeed a right given by our Constitution, but this right can’t be abused to denigrate a specific section of our society (read Hindu). If one is a comedian, then do comedies, make jokes on people and situation, why to bring religion or nation into it?

Freedom of Expression can never be an absolute thing, it exists with some checksum and controls, and it should be understood by everyone. We hail the efforts of Hindu IT cell, Ramesh Solanki and Vikas Pandey for opening an avenue to vent out our anger and to brought these culprits to justice.


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