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Why Muslims of India burn the Nation in the name of Religion?


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It was not a usual morning for people of DJ Halli and KG Halli areas of Bengaluru. The moment people came out of their homes, they found numerous torched Police jeeps, buses, and other vehicles parked in the area. The entire area was looking like a set of an action movie, however gradually they realized what happened last night.

Per several media reports, massive clashes broke out in DJ Halli and KG Halli area last night after a youth allegedly posted derogatory content inciting hatred on Social Media. Members of the Muslim community pelted stones at the residence of Congress MLA Akhanda Shrinivasa Murthy and DJ Halli and KG Halli police stations. The youth is associated with the Congress lawmaker, has been arrested. Three people were killed after police opened fire to contain the riots.

This looks like a usual riot, which can happen anywhere, however we have got some credible information, which proves that this was a hatched conspiracy to destabilize the peace in the City. Also, it once again exposes the so-called Minority community (Muslims), which is always up in the arms for any issue, they never hesitate to ransack the public properties, they start throwing stones mindlessly without thinking that this is not an Islamic republic and this is not the way to get the justice.

If we talk about yesterday’s incident, then it’s a perfect conspiracy hatched by the member of minority community and here is the chronology to understand this in details.

Conspiracy by Muslim groups to destabilize the city

It all started from a social media post, where a Muslim boy shared a post calling Bhagwan Krishna a rapist on the eve of Janmashtami festival. As expected, this post was slammed by Hindus because this was hurting their religious sentiments.

P. Naveen, who is a nephew of the local Dalit Congress MLA  R Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, also posts something about Prophet Muhammad in the post’s reply. However, Muslims took the screenshots of only Naveen’s reply and cropped out the original post, and made that viral.

People from the Muslim community spread this news like wildfire and asked their members to attack Congress MLA’s house. In no time, hundreds of Muslims gathered there, well equipped with stones, knives, petrol bombs, kerosene etc. They were asking names of people walking on the streets and hitting them if they were not from Muslim community.

The mob was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and vandalizing the MLA’s house and torched the vehicles nearby. Do you think this a sudden reaction? Don’t you think it’s normal to gather in such huge numbers at 11 pm, that too in calm city like Bengaluru?

Watch this video to understand the gravity of the situation last night.

It was a riot in the name of Religion

Per media reports, first, this Muslim mob attacked the MLA house, then they torched many Cars and two-wheelers. After that, this mob moved towards the Police station and light multiple police vans. They entered the Police quarters and attacked Police personnel, they even vandalized the vehicle of the DCP. They were throwing the petrol bombs on Police station and Police quarters. Please watch the following video to know yourself, what kind of madness was prevailing in that Muslim Mob.

Police given free hand to counter the Muslim Mob

Karnataka Government gave Bengaluru Police a free hand and accord them permission to open fire to control this massive violence. Muslim mob was approaching the KG Halli police station, then Police opened fire.

Vandalized Police Station – Picture Credit – (Indian Express)

As per sources, Police fired approx. 200 bullets in the air to disperse the mob, however, the Muslim mob was kept chanting Allahu Akbar and kept attacking the police force. Police were forced to take action and then fired upon the people, which resulted in the death of 3 people from the mob, several others were injured.

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa directed the police to take the strictest possible action against those involved in the incident.

CM tweeted and said that “Directions have been issued to the police to take strict action against the perpetrators involved in inciting violence at MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy’s residence and later against the police in DJ Halli station limits. The government will take all measures to punish the guilty,” Yediyurappa said. “The government will not tolerate such provocations and rumors. I appeal to the public to maintain peace.”

Muslim Mob demanded justice for anti Islamic post, but ignored the Anti Krishna post

It is said that massive Muslim mob started arriving at MLA Murthy’s around 8 pm last night, they started a protest outside DJ Halli police station. They were demanding immediate action against the person who posted an offensive message against Prophet Muhammad , but this mob conveniently ignored the derogatory post against Bhagwan Krishna, which led to this issue.

Do you think this is the way to demand the justice??

Our question is very simple, why the demand for selective justice from the Muslim community? if you need justice, then take action against that person who started this, take action against those who spread that post, those who were liking, endorsing the post against Hindus. This selective demand for justice won’t fetch any results, it will only further alienate the Muslim community.

Common Modus Operandi everytime

We have observed a common modus operandi of Muslims in recent times, any one can connect the dots and understand the way they operate.

  1. They start riots in the name of religion
  2. Media saves them
  3. Several NGO’s arrange the funds for them
  4. Media will help them playing the ‘Victim Card’
  5. Muslims rejoice the acts, none condemns
  6. If a Hindu calls out their hypocrisy, then call him anti-Islamic and intolerant
  7. look out for another such opportunity
  8. Cry, Burn, Sleep and repeat.

When Police took action, Muslims started a new ‘Drama’ to cover-up their acts

We have seen numerous tweets about some Muslim formed human chains to protect the Temples and properties of Hindus. The moment such video broke out, all the seculars, Islamic supporters started sharing this tweet, as if Muslims were doing any favor to Hindus.

First, they ransack Hindu’s properties, vehicles, attack Police station, hurl petrol bomb, and the moment Police take strict action, they started this drama of forming a human chain and protecting Hindu temples. Do they think people can’t see what happened last night and who is the culprit? Do they think people will buy their theatrics now?

India is not an Islamic Republic, period

We are in the opinion that if anything happens against any religion, then we have a constitution and our Indian Penal Code, which helps us take justice for any such act. We have seen countless such derogatory posts against Hindus, where Hindus only report them to Police and involve the Judiciary if required, that’s the way how we have to act as a responsible citizen of the largest democracy in the World.

However Muslims think otherwise, they started attacking people, public properties, ransack police stations, destroy railway stations, etc. We have seen hundreds of such acts during Anti-CAA protests, which were actually riots in the name of peaceful protests. They have made stone pelting a new normal, this evil practice which was limited to Kashmir till yesteryears, it has been demonstrated across the nation.

If Government makes law to stop evil Triple talaq law, they pelt stones. If Government makes a law to welcome the oppressed minorities from neighboring countries, they pelt stones. If health workers visit their area to conduct Covid testing they pelt stones. If Doctors visit them to administer Polio vaccination, they pelt stones.

We failed to understand when this madness will be stopped?

Karnataka Government to recover the cost from the Rioters

Toeing the line of Uttar Pradesh Government, Karnataka Government said that damages suffered in Tuesday night’s riots will be recovered from everyone who were involved in the riots. The Government also stated that the riots were planned and the police have earmarked some suspects using the CCTV and with the help of few witnesses. We hail this decision, every Government should follow this practice, lets make the rioting un-affordable for these goons, lets confiscate their properties, send them in jails, let them suffer, only then these people will learn the lesson.

Muslims playing Victim card, yet again

This is another common trait of the Muslim community, they initiate anti-social activities, they attack people from other communities and the moment Government acts against them, they start playing the Victim Card. They have adequate support from various sections of Media and Politics, which nurtured them and helped them and ensure they can get away after doing anything. They project themselves as victims every time. Our question is, for how long this will go on? Don’t they think the entire society is taking the stock of the situation, in the era of Social media, such acts cant go unnoticed.

Muslims have to understand that India is not an Islamic nation, where justice is demanded and delivered on roads. We are a democracy and we have a set of rules and laws which govern us. These stone pelting, rioting, and the act of vandalizing the property will not work anymore, that day is not too far when People may take the law in their hands and things may spiral out of the hands of the Government. It’s better if such things sorted out amicably and with peace.

Using the word ‘peace’ in your statements and brandishing yourself as ‘Peaceful’ doesn’t make you a ‘Peaceful’, we know its just an eyewash, and people have started understanding this tactic. Usually, the learned person and senior religious leadership come forward and give a direction to the society, but this is not the case in Muslims, here the Clerics, Mullahs, and senior Leadership indeed brainwash them and fan the emotions in the name of religion.

Well, we can only give them a heads up, please mend your ways before it is too late.


  1. This community started its inception by slitting each other’s throat for power. What did they do since-Death, Destruction, Murder, Deceit, Rape, Loot, plumder and destroy. Contibution towards humanity – ZERO. What do you expect


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