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Why Media and intelligentsia fall silent at killing of democratically elected leaders, but outrage at elimination of terrorists?


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What do terrorists and their masters sitting across the border intend to gift to the people of Jammu and Kashmir? They want nothing but blood, gore, horror, death and destruction for people of J&K. Whenever a citizen emerges as a leader to normalize people’ lives in valley, he is eliminated with an untold warning: If you dare to lead a normal life, you would be eliminated. 

Wasim Ahmad Bari from Bandipora, Jammu and Kashmir was a 38 years old man, who affirmed Constitution Of India, who believed in Democracy to serve people like his father Bashir Ahmed did, who waved National Flagwith overwhelming national pride. That is what went against the motives of terrorists, who have been bleeding the valley since decades so that people in valley don’t breathe easy. 

BJP District President, Wasim Ahmad Bari, his father Bashir Ahmad and brother Umer Bashir were brutally killed around 8.30 pm, yesterday, when they were at the family shop, run out of their home at Bandipore district in union territory of J&K. All three were BJP leaders; Umer Bashir was coordinator for the BJP’s youth wing in Kashmir province. 

It was a fortified zone since Government of India had provided Wasim Ahmad Bari and his family with 10 Personal Security Officers. What is shocking and suspicious that none of them were present with them when the dastardly attack happened. However, 10 policemen tasked with protecting Bari and his family have been arrested for negligence under (the) police Act. An investigation has been launched into this massive security lapse.

What is equally shocking and suspicious is the fact that Indian media, self proclaimed liberal gang, who called themselves custodian of democracy are not outraged at inhuman butchering of Wasim Ahmad Bari and his two family members members. India remembers well how media narrative had been built to project Burhan Wani as poster boy of Kashmir both in India and in Pakistan. Burhan Wani, Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist, who had been neutralised by security forces on 8 July, 2016. Some journalists didn’t hesitate to call Burhan Wani son of a retired school principal father and post graduate mother. What media had not mentioned was the extreme Islamic radicalisation of this family, of which Burhan Wani was a product.

In an interview with Hindustan Times on 9 July 2016, Burhan’s father Muzaffar Wani had said, “Yes, it’s very hard (to fight with Indian forces) but a Muslim has his faith in God. He knows if he dies in the path of God, he goes to God. In our religion, whosoever dies because of the oppression from India, or by an Indian bullet, doesn’t die. He goes from this world to the other world (as promised in the Quran); there will be no disease in that world, no oppression. This is what our Islam tells. That’s why Muslims don’t fear that. We prefer dying with honour rather than living a life of shame under oppression.” Despite curfew being imposed in several parts of Jammu and Kashmir a huge crowd had attended the funeral of Wani when an audio clip supposed to be the voice of Burhan’s mother Tum kitne Burhan maaroge, then crowd responds, “Har gar se Burhan niklega.” Next the crowds shout and cheer, “Jeeve jeeve Pakistan, Jeeve jeeve Pakistan, Jeeve jeeve Pakistan, Jeeve jeeve Pakistan.” The slogans of “Jeeve Pakistan” expose the movement, which is supposed to be Kashmir’s fight for ”AAZADI.”

Here Wasim Ahmad Bari, whose family placed their trust in Constitution of India and took the route of democracy to normalise valley are slaughtered, but self proclaimed intelligentsia is not infuriated. Why? Why do media glorify Burhan Wani as poor headmaster’s son and Riyaz Naikoo as Math Teacher, but fall silent when law abiding leaders—who intend to establish peace in the valley—are inhumanly killed by terrorists? 

RSS member Chandrakant Sharma and his personal security officer were murdered in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir in April 2019. 40 years old, Ajay Pandita Bharti, who was lone Hindu Sarpanch of Larkipora area in Anantnag district, was brutally shot dead on 8 June this year in his native village. These people sacrificed their lives for establishing peace in the valley. Isn’t it appalling their brutal killings don’t disturb media and self proclaimed intellectuals? 


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