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Why is centre a silent spectator to Arnab’s arrest – on what Maharashtra govt is doing?


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Instead of being angry on the MVA, some netizens are angry on BJP & are diverting anger from the atrocities of the MVA to the “inaction” of BJP

After all, didn’t we give them 303 seats?

Don’t we have right to ask Qs?

Yes, we have, so please read on this explanation-

Muzzling Arnab’s voice, not much headway in Palghar Sadhus case, Vibhor Anand arrested (let off after apology), SM activist Sameet Thakkar tied with a rope & taken to police station – all this is simply too much !

They say – We want President’s rule!

Yes, centre can impose President’s rule citing that Maharashtra govt is not ruling as per provisions of constitution, where free speech is muzzled

Now the issue is – is Maharashtra the only state where freedom of speech is muzzled?

Activists will point out cases of different journalists arrested under various acts, including sedition, esp in Delhi, UP & J&K – they will ask – what about them? Remember the Kerala “journalist” with alleged links to PFI caught while going to Hathras & charged under UAPA? Or those journalists who were not even allowed to go to Hathras? (of course to prevent them from fanning the fires the caste tension); but the Lutyens media will highlight these facts easily

Point 2, Getting rid of opposition state govts is not so easy now – SC takes strong objection!

NDA had a bad experience when it tried to impose President’s Rule in Uttarakhand (2016) & Bihar (1999)

So whether President’s Rule is needed or not or it’s just centre trying to dismiss a state run by opposition party- that is a matter for judges to decide (when the President Rule is challenged & would go to courts )

Yes, the SC has recently given more favourable judgements but is there a guarantee ?

Today, MVA is looking like a villain – bringing President Rule that can get overturned, will look make the villain look like a victim

Lutyens Gang will use the narrative to show Modi Sarkar again as a fascist regime (though we know who are the fascists in this case)

So, should the govt just wait & watch ?

Yes, watch carefully & act stealthily !

After all, Napoleon said – I don’t disturb my enemies while they are making mistakes!

The centre is closely counting MVA’s mistakes – especially of ministers & govt orders – like demolishing Kangana’s house, police picking up a common citizen Anant Karmuse & getting him beaten up by Minister Awhad’s bodyguards in his presence, Palghar Sadhus lynched in front of police who behaved like mute spectators, cases slapped against 1000 employees of Republic using a 1922 British Colonial Era law & so on! The centre will take legal advice to be sure footed when they decide ( if they decide ) to take the step of President’s Rule – we may feel that sooner the better, but haste makes waste & the neatly arranged chess game will get destroyed!
But what about Arnab? Is he safe? I am sure he will be watched by centre, by secret agents & central intelligence

Modiji is like a duck! Remains calm on the surface but paddles furiously underwater

DeMo, Article 370 Abrogation, surgical strikes, occupying high points near Pangong Tso – were all sudden moves – we were taken by surprise!

Yes, UT won one chess game; but don’t expect Modi-Shah to lose again & again! They may lose a few battles – but they will win the war!
Modiji is destiny’s child – a man who’s never lost elections; and Amit Shah is the man who made BJP the largest political party in the world. These men are outsiders, not from political dynasties, but they have done extraordinary things ! So do you think they won’t be able to checkmate the so-called “Maharashtra cha Chanakya”- a man who could never even make his party cross 100 seats in assembly or complete a full term as CM, something that a “newcomer” like Devendra Fadnavis could achieve?
So, as I always say, we don’t know what’s happening behind the curtains; what power plays are going on, but I know this – that Modiji & Amit bhai are geniuses & want the best for Bharat mata- trust them! The outrage will just increase your BP, it won’t help things move faster ! So keep the faith & have patience – you are being served by the JODI NO 1 who always have your best interests in heart ! Bharat Mata Ki Jai !


  1. Well, your article and faith in the duo comes as a wisp of fresh air in the present gloomy scenario. May all your predictions come true

  2. It’s how one chooses a line. It’s not just d Presidents rule on d table. There were other lesser options which would have helped d govt image n obviated d need for defence like d one put up by writers like u. In d end of your write up, it’s just hope n not logic that u ask us to stand with.

  3. It seems the old man alone is the villain & kingpin of the state of affairs in Mah. He has been smartly using Shivsena & others in running the govt, managing criminals in govt, in Police, in Bollywood, in underworld & so on. Central govt is expected to wait for a miracle to happen so as to see a happy ending.

  4. It is the cunning old jackal running the show
    from behind. He manages all his needs get done through an army of rogues in politics,police, bureaucracy, Bollywood and of course, the inevitable gangsters of Mumbai, who are remote controlled from
    Karachi. Whether the New Delhi duo
    will reign him? They can’t–even if they confer Bharat Ratna to him!

  5. After taking Arnab to Taleja and court giving decision after 6.00 pm to apply for bail in different country. Do you think these are non planned things? Criminals acts swiftly, they do not wait for a time. It is like after PULWAMA and go and bomb them. One very important person’s life is at stake.

  6. I think BJPs inaction in introducing the same police Laws in the States it rules is going to affect its chances in Elections as it will be perceived as a weak party which cannot defend its Loyal workers.
    Astounding that the Courts which are so prompt in giving benefit of the doubt to Criminals is eager to prove that benefit of doubt should be given to the State which has imposed Draconian Laws on Citizens. The Supreme Court should take suo motto action. Pathetic.

  7. Nice article, if dismissal of govt risky option but govt can start strong counter moves against the old evil of maha politics by activating ED n CBI cases agast him n his daughter

  8. Wow BJP must have paid you well to write all this but I have few questions…
    1. Congress is famous for taking such actions, so we all voted BJP to center and now when the action is required we got to know center is helpless. They can’t do anything. So there is no point voting them again to center.
    2. If state is so powerful how come they removed 370 in j&k against the will of state government.
    3. Every day our soldiers are during on border fighting against terrorism but center is helpless. Ofcourse if center can’t control state how can they control other countries.
    4. At the time of Congress, cbi was managed and not allowed to work freely and at time of bjp cbi accidentally converted a murder case to drugs.
    5. Center Government is responsible for the entire nation. If people die, it will happen in state only, there is no specific area under center govt. If center can’t do anything to protect them, than there is no point doing dharna and rally as well, as bjp is doing in West bengal. Based on your article, I can say what bjp doing in WB is a showoff.

  9. Please dont make unfair comparisons by using Bihar example, 1000 reporters have been targeted and one man’s life is at risk. Modi and Shah should have given him Zulu level security long ago. What has happened is tragic and hopefully nothing too unfortunate should happen anymore.


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