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While India is battling the COVID, Leftist Journalist is spreading her EVIL propaganda against Sewa International

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India is facing a lethal second wave of COVID-19 and India’s government and healthcare system is undergoing tremendous pressure at this point in time. The situation in India is indeed quite gruesome and everyone is contributing and doing their best to bring the nation out of this devastating situation.

Amid such testing times, several corporates have come forward to provide their best possible support to the nation and the people. These are the same corporates, which were abused and accused by the woke people for so long. almost similar treatment has been given to other organizations, which are not aligned with the woke and pseudo-secular/liberal ideology.

Picture Credit – Sewa International

These people try and defame such organizations and one such NGO is RSS affiliate Sewa Bharti and Sewa International organization. RSS is known for its immense contribution and selfless services during any pandemic or natural calamity. This time also the RSS is been working relentlessly, extending its helping hand to the needy at the time of this crisis.

Sewa International is running a campaign to collect several million dollars to purchase thousands of Oxygen concentrators and then dispatch them to India. Sewa International has strike the chord with the NRI’s and they are pouring in donations and many oxygen concentrators have been handed-over to hospitals in India.

Picture Credit – Indian Express

While Sewa International has been working tirelessly, Neha Dixit, a journalist working for leftist media outlets like Al-Jazeera, The Wire, and Caravan has taken to Twitter to cast aspersions on the Sewa International.

Picture Credit – Neha Dixit Twitter

Neha Dixit, in her Tweet, spews venom against Sewa International and made several fake and absurd claims that Sewa International “traffics children from tribal areas to indoctrinate them”, besides “supporting the BJP govt’s massive crimes”.

However, people come down heavily and blasted these frivolous claims of Neha Dixit and slammed her for her evil intentions. No such claims by this Al Jazeera journalist stands true and are based on false narratives.

Here it is important to note that Sewa International’s parent organization Sewa Bharti is a philanthropic organization that beliefs in “Sewa/serving people”, and currently indulged in several public welfare works for COVID patients and their families irrespective of religion, caste and creed.

Leftist media vultures may try their best to spread their propaganda against RSS and its affiliate organizations, but a common Indian is very much aware about the reality of these organizations and appreciates their contribution, and such evil attacks will only fortified their belief in RSS and its affiliates.

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