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Varavara Rao, committed to wage a war against India, still he is portrayed as a great poet, activist & writer, why?


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When Safoora Zargar was arrested on April 10 under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) for allegedly conspiring communal clashes in North East Delhi, liberal media began beating their chests like a widow projecting Safoora as a poor pregnant woman languishing in jail. Calling Safoora a student activist, Left liberal eco system used her womanhood and pregnancy as victim cards to the fullest to drip emotion among masses. However, what Lutyens media did not tell was the poisonous speech in which Safoora is audaciously calling PM Modi and Home Minister, Amit Shah, terrorists and threatening to strip them of their citizenship in a viral video. What liberal media didn’t tell was Safoora Zargar was waging war against the nation and she is allegedly responsible for more than 50 innocent lives in North East Delhi, after she allegedly conspired to set Delhi on fire. 

Now, the same liberal media is wailing, making an emotional appeal for Varavara Rao—who was arrested in August 2018 from his residence in Hyderabad for his alleged involvement in the Bhima-Koregaon violence on January 1, 2018—by calling him poor 80 years old man, political prisoners (which actually means urban Naxals), poet, activist, Maoist intellectual etc.. An FIR, which was filed in Pune, alleges that Elgar Parishad, which noted leftist activists and underground Naxalite groups including Varavara Rao, attended to deliver inciting speech on 31 December 2017, which caused violence the next day injuring 30 and killing one. 

Who is Varavara Rao? 

Born in Telangana in November 1940 Varvara Rao is a post-graduate in Telugu literature from Osmania University . But he is a Maoist and separatist, who wants to disintegrate India into pieces. In an interview with Tehelka on 6 November 2010, Varvara Rao spewed nothing but venom for India. 

Varvara Rao demands Aazadi for Kashmir from India.

After he accepted that he attended the conference demanding secession of Kashmir, Varvara Rao demands Aazadi for Kashmir from India. As a Maoist, he says that Kashmir should be liberated.

Varvara Rao whitewash genocide of Kashmiri Hindus 

Attaching survivors of Kashmiri Hindu genocide with Sangh Parivar Varavara Rao whitewashed genocide by belittling them that they were very few in numbers.  

He openly admits tie-ups between the Maoists and the separatists.

Varvara Rao openly admits that Maoists have supported the struggle for azadi in Kashmir and the Northeast. That support remains.

Varvara Rao says India invaded Hyderabad and Kashmir 

Supporting struggle of Kashmir and of the Northeast, Varvara Rao says both Hyderabad and Kashmir were invaded by India.

According to Varvara Rao, New Delhi is common enemy of NE, Hyderabad and Naxalite Ultras

He blatantly insists Kashmir , NE , Hyderabad and Naxalite Ultras have a “common enemy” in the government that which sits at PM house in Delhi.

So how do liberal media cover up seditious act of waging a war against nation by Varvara Rao? 

Liberal media calls him writer, poet, activist, Dalit intellectual, political prisoner to cover his seditious act. 

Would it be exaggeration to call Varvara Rao left wing terrorist? 

Not at all. Investigations of the Karnataka police revealed that Varvara Rao was one of the conspirators in the 2005 Naxalite attack on a CRPF picket in Tumkur in Karnataka, in which 8 CRPF Jawans were butchered and their weapons and ammunition were stolen in the same manner Pulwama attack was carried out. 

Varvara Rao shouted Bhookha Nanga Hindustan, Jaan se Pyaara Pakistan’ 

In 2010, Varvara Rao along with Arundhati Roy and Pakistani stooge Gilani raised slogan “Bhookha Nanga Hindustan, Jaan se Pyaara Pakistan’ (which means India is Naked and Hungry, Pakistan is dearer to us than Life) in LTG Delhi. 

Under the facade of being an activist, poet, writer etc, a Maoist Varvara Rao belongs to the same bracket of Yasin Malik and other terrorists who openly speak against Indian Republic and support breaking India into pieces. 

Why do left liberal media demand such anti-national and suspected terrorist to be out of jail? Varvara Rao has a human body. Naturally, he would grow old. He would have health problem. He can catch Covid-19. Can growing old or having health issues, or catching Corona virus be an excuse to absolve him from the crime he waged against the nation? 

Left liberal media calls themselves flag bearer of free speech. Why don’t they tell the real ideology of Varvara Rao to beak India into pieces, instead of, hiding his crimes behind calling him poet, activist, writer and political prisoner? Left leaning media better clarify  in an honest manner, that they want an anti national cum a suspected terrorist to be out of jail because he is developing old age health issues. 





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