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Uber passengers harass an Indian Driver after being told to wear masks. Does Indian Live matter in the USA?


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USA has recently saw a massive uproar on the issue of violence against Black Americans, even a big campaign of BlackLivesMatter ran which was followed by nationwide incidents of loot and scoot.

However, the similar kind of response is not possible for other communities, specially Asians. In a recent case, an Indian Uber driver Subhakar Khadka was physically assaulted and pepper sprayed by a group of three Uber passengers after they refused to comply with Uber’s rider policy to wear facial masks during this Covid pandemic.

Subhakar politely informed the riders that he was cancelling the ride and that they needed to leave his vehicle. They then proceeded to hit him, yank the mask off of his face, tried to steal his phone, and then pepper sprayed him.

Uber then failed to step up to take care of this Uber driver to help him with lost wages and cleaning from having pepper spray chemicals sprayed into the fabric of his car.  They instead began by only offering $20 in compensation for having pepper spray covering his interior fabric.

After so much of pressure, they then upped it to $120 in compensation but this does not come close to the expenses needed to have a professional car detailing to try and remove the strong chemicals of pepper spray and also the lost wages from not being able to work.

This is just an example of what Hindus goes through in USA on daily basis. But unfortunately none raise voice for us, including prominent hindu voices and other people in US administration.

Imagine what would have happened, if this incident happened with a Black driver and an Indian dude misbehaving. The entire world would have been on toes and the worldwide media would have gone berserk by now.


  1. If the virus escaped a level four bio lab (which has been confirmed) then how is your mask going to protect you? Why do people who support masks harass those who don’t want to wear it? Do you know how many times US and Canadian politicians have been caught breaking the rules and restrictions while millions of Canadians and Americans lost their jobs and livelihoods? Where is your outrage towards politicians breaking the rules? How do we trust the government if they say one thing and do another? It’s obvious that this virus is not dangerous and Governments is using it as an excuse to control their populations, the WHO admit that lockdowns don’t work and hospitals in the West have been caught labelling people who die from other causes with Covid 19. It’s not right to harass anyone over anything but you need to pick your battles wisely and realize that no is responsible for your health. There is so much evidence to suggest that this was intentionally leaked by China who is paying politicians to hijack our rights in the West so give Westerners a break and question the actions of the Government instead.


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