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Twinkle Twinkle Flop star


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Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are !!

Nothing more apt was written for someone as lunkheaded as this two bit writer. When Twinkle started writing her columns , people hailed her as the next gen Shobha De who had a great penchant for wit. Witticism is something these dolts and rightly called bimbos would never understand for lack of knowledge and reading !
This supremely opinionated floozy living in the sanctuary of similar dorks survives only on offensive and demeaning remarks made against anybody and everybody !

A woman who has failed in every profession she chose to be, a woman whose claim to fame is her moneyed husband , stardom of parents, controversial parental background, even more controversial stints at unzipping her husband in public , has the gall to sneer at ” The Kashmir Files ” !!

Twinkle since you ask….better than nail files try making “flop files”… since noone champions it better than you. Few more suggestions according to your callibre would be ” opinion files ” ” motor mouth files ” ” bimbette files”….. ! And mind you all at the expense of tanking in even a matchbox office !

Its an easy task to live in plush mansions where even your dogs live more luxuriously than an only child of a refugee. Its a privileged life to wear clothes worth lakhs when a refugee bride can’t even afford a bridal dupatta . Its a luxury to sport a bag worth 5 lakhs where a entire family of a refugee is given Rs 500 for a month !!

The laws of Karma and life work in strange ways ! God forbid , but try and imagine losing whatever you have…being reduced to nobody both financially and demographically…..
There are plenty of rags to riches story that abound the world you inhabit !!

Fear….and Shut Up !!

Just one question Twinkle , will you dare to mock Jews Genocide while living in Isarel?


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