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‘Tukde Tukde’ Gang attacking this Mumbai Dentist; because he supported MP govt’s action against Stone Pelters and Illegal Enchrochers


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Social Media has become the biggest communication medium in recent times. It helps us stay connected with our friends and peers, at the same time it helps us to stay in touch with the development in the world. Though, this was the sole purpose of developing Social media.

However, with time the objective of Social Media has been changed. Now it has become a tool for spreading hatred, misinformation, a tool of selective targeting, stripping people of their job, and demeaning their social lives. We have seen many instances where people have been chased by social media trolls for merely expressing their views and posts on public platform.

We have seen the thrashing of a retired Navy officer by Shiv Sena goons because he shared a caricature. We have seen the public beating and shaving of a professional in Mumbai, who shared a post against Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray. We have seen instances where NRI’s were chased and stripped of their jobs, by calling them anti-Muslims, just because they openly supported Citizen Amendment Act.

The fresh case is of Rajesh Patil, who is an Orthodontist and hails from Mumbai. He is a patriotic person who never shies away from expressing his point of view on a public platform. But since the last couple of days, the Anti-India social media troll army has made his life hell.

It all started when a few stone-pelters tried to disrupt the procession of Sangh Parivar activists in Ujjain’s Begambagh area, who went there to collect the money for Ram Temple construction. Upon complaint, the administration razed a house and partly demolished another where some of the accused lived today. Police arrested six people including two women for stone pelting on the rally.

The authorities have also floated a tender to remove these illegal structures and move them to some other place. It is been made clear by the administration that the demolition was carried out to remove illegal structures after giving due notice to the house owners.

Now, this is just a normal process, which was followed, and Mr. Patil just expressed his views in support of this action. Obviously, every Indian should support the action against such people, who deliberately destroy the peace and harmony in our society.

This is what Mr. Patil posted on his Twitter account.

Picture Credit – Doctor Patil’s profile
Picture Credit – Doctor Patil’s profile
Picture Credit – Doctor Patil’s profile
Picture Credit – Doctor Patil’s profile
Picture Credit – Doctor Patil’s profile

As we can see, these tweets are not objectionable. Doctor Patil has only said what has happened, he only appreciated the action taken by the local administration and most of the Indians will reciprocate with the same sentiments.

But, then something happened with Doctor Patil which he never thought of ever in his dreams. A barrage of Tukde Tukde gang started targeting him and spreading hatred posts against him, asking people to attack him, provoking people to downgrade the ratings of his clinic and whatnot.

Here is the link to the Facebook post done by ‘Unofficial PMO India’ which is run by Canada-based Admins.


Picture credit – Unofficial PMO India

They have spread his personal information on social media and asking their followers to attack him. We cant share the screenshots here, as that post if full of abuses against Dr. Patil.

Picture Credit – Unofficial PMO India

Now Dr. Patil is receiving threats, people are abusing him, naming and shaming his family his profession……all because he supported the action against those, who pelted stones on innocent people. Was that a crime? Is supporting constitutional action is a crime? is calling such people criminal is a crime?

Here it is important to note that this Facebook page is managed by Admins, who are based in Canada and work on the payroll of the ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang. That’s why for then people like Dr. Patil are bad, but anti-nationals like Umar Khalid, who raised the slogans of ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’ is their hero.

Picture credit – Unofficial PMO India

They openly abused the Indian constitution and the Supreme court, because the Supreme court observes something, which doesn’t go in their favor.

Picture credit – Unofficial PMO India

They openly call our PM a Dog, lets that sink in.

Picture credit – Unofficial PMO India

See the below post by this page, they are supporting every terrorist who are behind the bars for conspiring against India.

Picture credit – Unofficial PMO India

So the crux of this article is quite simple. These people will try their best to destabilize our country, they will burn the buses, damage public properties, pelt stones on innocent people, call our Constitutional bodies ‘Bikau’, call our PM a ‘Dog’, everything is fine for them, but the moment someone supports action against Anti-nationals, these people starts targeting them. They try all the tactics to destroy a person, malign his/her profession and create a sort of social boycott for them. We can see, now the same has been happening with Doctor Patil.

In our opinion, every Indian should be standing beside people like Dr. Patil, who show the guts to call a spade a spade. He never thinks about his family and profession before taking the ‘right’ stand. Who knows things may go awry, but he chooses the truth over secularism. We should support such gutsy people and should keep exposing this Tukde Tukde gang with all our might.


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