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This much is enough for me


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Balancing your life is a personal choice- this story tells you how

‘Change and cherish the change’

A brilliantly portrayed parable, set in modern day India, tells the story of a bright and ravishingly beautiful unmarried, highly ambitious girl, on the verge of a total burn out, taking her into a downward spiral to the bottom of the ocean.

 Arti reluctantly seeks ‘intellectual patronage’ of Guruji- educated, suave and charming man- advised by her colleague, Vasundhara.  Guruji, is selective and takes ‘high fliers in distress,’ under his wings, only by referral- not charging even a rupee for his indulgence. A very honorable, gratuitous act of charity.

Arti is put on a stretcher, oxygen mask put on her face and wheeled inside the emergency area of the well-appointed hospital.

Doctors find all parameters within normal limits and the diagnosis pronounced is ‘nervous breakdown and a panic attack’. No damage to any of her organs- may be age was with her but not time. Said the senior physician.


Arti looks startled and amused and says ‘Guruji?’ ‘Me going to a guruji? Are you out of your mind young lady?’ ‘No Guru Shuru for me’

Vasundhara ‘Arti, he is different, Ek baar mill to ley yaar.’ she says. ‘OK if you are not convinced after meeting him, just drop it and I will not say this again.

 Guruji is not that saffron clad, tilakdhari, tantric Baba living in an ashram, but an IIT plus IIM combo – a double barrel so to say, matured well-read articulate persona, who is an avid golfer and socializes with movers and shakers of the world living his life to the fullest on his own terms. Yet very  much grounded, very modern in outlook who himself changed tracks from crazy-corporate to cozy-comfort with a little adjustment and trade-off with his ego and irrelevant ambition.

Guruji shows her, how to live life well and on her own terms- turning around her attitude towards life. They visit several people who shifted gears to live a more meaningful and stress free life, some changed their professions- most of them.

He takes both the beautiful and very well qualified, highly ambitious girls to those people who were on a similar fast track and changed their life- many changed professions to- to live a much more relaxed life.

Today young men and women are getting heart attacks, diabetes and hypertension at young age of 40. Popping anti depression pills, trying to struggle with panic attacks, stress and hospitalization is very common. Then they spend money to go for a detox camp and then ‘retox and detox’ never ending cycle keeps them on- dropping dead one day. What for? No one understands.

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This book is no spiritual gyan or management jargons which people are fed up of, but a very beautifully told story, with a bit of appropriately placed romance and a wonderful way to convince your heart, mind and soul in several visually vibrant settings which takes over a reader immediately. Unputdownable, a racy story which can change your life for sure. You can see the characters right in front of your eyes.

Guruji is well aware of the fast track syndrome and pities’ the youth who do not know where to draw the line- they in fact do not know ‘How much is enough to be happy’. 

To know this much is enough for me is one single message which is the only key to live life the way you should.

You get only one life. Don’t kill yourself, else tomorrow may not even come.

‘Slow and steady at least finishes the race’- guruji


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