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This is New India, which overpowered International Anti India Leftist Conspiracy to bleed India, before it grew into anarchy the way BLM burnt US


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The deep conspiracy, detailed planning, sheer venom along with huge amount of incalculable money by enemies within India and abroad with full dedication to create unrest in the country are what Swedish climate activist ‘Greta Thunberg’ inadvertently happened to share in a toolkit about ongoing Farmers’ Protest. 
After she realised she committed blunder by displaying the entire international left eco system funded conspiracy hatched to burn India, she deleted the tweet. 

The document under title ‘Global Farmers Strike First Wave,’ urges people across the world to participate in the largest protest in human history. The URGENT ACTIONS ask people to Call, Email any of the govt representatives and ask them to take action. 

The document tweeted by Greta Thunberg explains the content what Rihana has to tweet, actions and strategy to be taken for 15 days against Indian government. On page number 3 there is a website link of ASK INDIA WHY. The website talks about farmers’ plight. At the bottom of the same page it mentions the website was built by POETIC JUSTICE FOUNDATION, which is on Instagram page also. The Instagram of POETIC JUSTICE FOUNDATION reveals it is funding the farmers protest. It had held Khalistan, A Conversation On Trauma, Racism and Sovereignty on 8 October. POETIC JUSTICE FOUNDATION also provides funding to Rihana, Greta and Mian Khalifa.  

Tractor Rally on 26 January was a planned conspiracy to commit bloodbath in Delhi to defame Modi government and India on international level. But, when it failed to materialize without a single bullet being fired by Delhi Police amid Tractor Rally going on a rampage, “the national as well as international Left eco system together” went to the extent of roping in international singer Rihana and porn star Mia Khalifa. Instead of sensationalizing the so called farmer protest, the porn star and singer provoked Indian celebrities (cricketers and actors), who used to be fence sitters, to remind Rihana and Mia Khalifa of their places that   “India’s sovereignty can not be compromised by external forces.”

When apolitical cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, the nightingale of Bollywood, Lata Mangeshkar and actors like Sunil Shetty rallied behind the government and the nation, Greta’s  tweeted toolkit, which remained briefly, exposed how external forces have united with internal enemy to cause violence and destruction in India to defame it internationally. 

The eco system behind Black Lives Matter has tasted blood in their mouths after they ousted Trump in 2020 US Presidential Election. They claimed to stand against inequality, injustice and police violence. But, the protestors in BLM movement committed unprecedented violence, loot, anarchy, murder, destruction of public properties and attack on policemen, the tried and tested method is alarmingly being applied in India to dethrone a democratically elected government. They want to inflict the same pain on India by creating riots and bloodbaths in the name of movement. 

Rihana did all the antics in her skimpy clothes to support anarchy in US in the name of movement. Before, she could have started her antics to further inflame the protest, she was exposed. Mia Khalifa too supported the loot and torture of whites in the name of movement. 

But, India is not America to endure riots in garb of movement in silence. Mia Khalifa is a woman, who is not known for her brain but for her body. You pay her money, she is ready to have sex with a man or with a group of men in any shape, size and age. What do a porn star and singer know about Farm Bills? 

India is also not a weak nation anymore, of prior to 2014, when 10 terrorists from across the border attacked Mumbai to massacre hundreds of innocent Indians, when series of bomb blasts exploded innocent Indian citizens into pieces in trains, in stations, in hotel. India is not a helpless nation, which kept sending dossiers after dossiers to Pakistan to prosecute the masterminds. 

Today, a strong India under strong leadership of Narendra Modi conducts Air Strike and Surgical Strike right at terror camps. That is what has rattled anti India forces within and outside India. Today India is united, even fence sitters cricketers and actors celebrities rallying behind its government is what shaking anti India forces. 

It is nationalist Indians, who not only exposed international conspiracy to burn India, but they are firmly rallying behind their nation and their leadership. 


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