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This is how the corporate world has systematically demeaned Hinduism and promoted biased religious sectarianism


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When Sumit Daga (name changed) , Team leader of one project in HCL based in Noida asked his team members, who were Muslims, to go for Namaz one by one, instead of entire team going in unison at the same time, the entire team filed a complaint against Sumit Daga to the boss. The pressurised boss gave in and a hard working Sumit Daga was demoralised for being a hard working employee of HCL. This is how pressure is built up by group of employee. Almost all the corporate offices including TCS in Powai have separate space for praying Namaz, but there is no separate place for Puja. 

It has been observed that the moment number of Muslim employees grows in a corporate company, they start building up pressure to promote their sect. This has been reflecting in advertisements and in entertainment world. Unfortunately, a common and naive Hindu is being brainwashed. 

Did it promote pluralistic society, when the 45-second Tanishq advertisement, by Titan Group’s Tanishq Jewellery, featured a Muslim mother-in-law celebrating ‘baby shower ceremony’ for her Hindu daughter-in-law? Or Tanishq ended up running an agenda of a Hindu girl married to Muslim boy is safe unlike the reality. News are full of stories of Hindu women lured to Muslim men and brutally murdered after they refused to convert to Islam. Unfortunately, the ad was released the day when a Hindu boy, Rahul Rajput—who was pursuing his second-year BA from Delhi University’s School of Open Learning—was allegedly killed by her Muslim girl friend’s family members.

Pluralistic society is an ideal terminology, which defines a society where people from all faiths co exist and celebrate one another’s customs, rituals and festivals. Corporate World in India gives impression they are flag bearer of unity of multi faiths and cultures. But, they end up demeaning Hindus and Sanatan Dharma.

Under Islamic Law a Muslim man is not allowed to marry a woman who is polytheist unless she converts to Islam. And it is strictly prohibited for Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men in Islam: sources Wikipedia. How can Tanishq show that a Hindu woman would be blissful after marrying to a Muslim man when it is obligatory for her to convert to Islam before marriage? Isn’t conversion like stealing a soul? 

Would Tanishq issue an advertisement in which a Hindu mother-in-law celebrating baby shower ceremony for her Muslim daughter-in-law promoting social harmony? Why do corporate world always display Hindus in poor light?  

In September 2019, ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi, ‘Red Label’ the tea brand from FMCG multinational giant Unilever released an advertisement which showed a Hindu man looking out for a Ganesha idol to take home but he steps back and hesitates before buying it when he comes to know that it is a Muslim man, who has created it. During the conversation, the idol maker pulls out a skull cap and wears it, indicating that he is Muslim. The surprised prospective buyer hesitates and says that he will come back next, which means he doesn’t want to buy an idol from a Muslim. Next, the Muslim idol maker offers him tea, which reforms the Hindu buyer, who instantly orders the idol. 

What can be bigger lies and hypocrisy than this that Hindus, who worship idols, are called Kafirs in Islam? Does ‘Red Label’ need to educate how Islamic invaders attacked India, destroyed temples and brutalised Hindus to convert to Islam? Does Red Label need to be enlightened of Hindu genocide in Kashmir by Radical Islamists in 1990 in independent India? 

Earlier in another advertisement, Red Label had shown a Hindu man hesitating to enter their Muslim neighbour’s house, but he was ‘reformed’ by the aroma and the taste of Red Label tea made by the Muslim woman in Burka.

On 27 February 2019, detergent brand Surf Excel released an one minute advertisement featuring a young Hindu girl, dressed in white, wants to be get stained in Holi colours to protect her Muslim friend, who was going to the nearby mosque to pray. It ends with tag line—दाग अच्छे हैं, अगर कुछ अच्छा करने मे दाग लग जाऐ तो दाग अच्छे हैं (Stains that come as a part of a good deed are good stains). 

Corporate world is where profits are main motive to work and function. Hasn’t product promotion become a propaganda machine to demean and defame Hindus and Sanatan Dharm by Corporate World in the name of social harmony? At the same time, they promote Islamic traditions very cunningly to brainwash minds of naive Hindus. 


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