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The unsung lady warrior, Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan, who defeated blood thirsty army of Taimur Lang in Haridwar battle in 1398


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There was a Lakshmibai, the Rani of Jhansi, who fought a fierce battle with Britishers in 1857-58 to protect Jhansi, before she made supreme sacrifice at battle ground at the age of 30. Much before, Rani of Jhansi, there was Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan, who had bravely fought Taimur Lang and his forces in Haridwar battle in 1398 at the age of 22. 

If your history text book has glorified how Taimur Lang attacked and conquered Delhi by committing bloodbath of innocents, but your history text book has no mention of Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan, there is a purpose behind it. The said historians do not want you to draw inspiration from your ancestors. It would not be wonder, if they claim Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan, who exudes sheer strength and courage, to be fictitious character, because she busts falsehood of Taimur Lang’s heroism, which the said historian has created. 

Taimur Lang, Photo Credit Wikipedia

Taimur Lang, also spelled Timur, the butcher and marauder from Central Asia ruled from his capital city Samarkand, a city in present Uzbekistan. Born on 9 April 1336, a radical Muslim, Taimur Lang alleged his co-religionist, Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah Tughlaq, Sultan of Delhi, for being too tolerant towards his Hindu subjects. He wanted Sultan of Delhi to convert every Hindu to Islam. 

In December 1398, with a brutal intent to spread Islam by force, Taimur Lang attacked Delhi. His army plundered and massacred lacs of defenseless people who had meant no harm to his army and only wanted to be left alone. It is said Taimur’s blood thirsty army of looters committed naked dance of death and destruction butchering lacs of innocent people and mass rape of hapless women that Delhi took a century to recover. Brutality and bestiality crossed all the limits, when barbarians of Taimur Lang erected heads of decomposing bodies of dead citizens like structures for vultures to feast. 

News of complete annihilation of Delhi reached the Jat region, which includes today’s Haryana and some part of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Then Chief of Jat region, Devapala immediately conducted Mahapanchayat, which included every community such as Jat, Gurjar, Ahir, Valmiki, Rajput, Brahmin. All communities reached a conclusion that they would form guerrilla warfare to fight with Taimur and his cruel army. Eventually, a private army of over 1,20,000 warriors from every community under the fold of Mahapanchayat was formed. Out of 1,20,000 warriors of private army, a women regiment of 40,000 females was formed under the leadership of Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan. While the male warriors were commanded by Mahabali Jograj Singh Gurjar and Harveer Singh Gulia, the women regiment was meticulously trained by Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan. Born to a Chauhan Gurjar family in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, fearless Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan has grown into a skilled warrior as she used to train herself in warfare since childhood and could use all kinds of weapons. Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan was assisted by four more female warriors: Hardai Jaat, Devi Kaur Rajput, Chandro Brahman, and Ramdai Tyagi.

Mahapanchayat took a collective decision to evacuate old people and children to safe place along with their valuables. 500 young horse riders were instructed to spy on Taimur and his forces. 

After destroying and annihilating Delhi, when blood thirsty Taimur Lang and his army marched towards towards Meerut, they unexpectedly found villages empty. Therefore, Taimur and his army didn’t find anything to loot. 

Following the tactics of guerrilla warfare, forces of Mahabali Jograj Singh Gurjar, Harveer Singh Gulia and Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan attacked the army of Taimur during night, when they had barely started for Meerut from Delhi. Forces of Jograj Singh Gurjar and Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan continued to kill thousands of Taimur’s army during night and disappeared in the morning as if they didn’t exist. When frustrated and angry Taimur with his army reached Meerut, they met with disappointment and attack during night. 

Lack of food, sleep and attack during night demoralised Taimur’s army, as they were not used to deal with guerrilla warfare during night. Hungry and sleepless army of Taimur Lang had been inflicted deep wounds by Forces of Jograj Singh Gurjar and Gurjari Rampyari Chauhan. 

During the battle of Haridwar, the Gurjar General Jograj Singh annihilated Taimur Lang’s army, while the sharp shooter Harveer Singh Gulia shot an arrow to the Taimur’s chest and severely wounded him that infected him and eventually killed him later. 

The Oxford History Of India, From the Earliest Times to the End of 1911, written by British Historian Vincent A Smith explains how valiantly Rampyari Gurjar Chauhan fought valiantly in the battle of Haridwar, while their forces lost over 35000 brave men and women to chase out Taimur Lang. 

When would India glorify warriors like Gurjari Rampyari Chauhan in its history text books? How long students of India would continue to study one sided glorification of Islamic invaders in history text books? A statue of Gurjari Rampyari Chauhan would tell how women in India has been empowered since ancient times. Shouldn’t India build a statue of Gurjari Rampyari Chauhan to disseminate strength, courage and bravery in current and coming generation?


  1. After Knowing the History of Our Bravest Warrior Ancestor Hindu Girl ,
    we all Indians throughout the world
    Must pay Respect &Tribute to RAMPYARI GURJAR CHOUHAN for the Battle Win against the Legend of Cruelty TAIMUR LUNG in 1398 for the existence of HINDUS,HINDUISM,
    &HINDUSTHAN. Now the right time to Make a Film on Her .
    It’s shame to See &know today that Popular Mumbai Hindu Film Actress
    Kept name of her Son Timur/Taimur.

  2. Every indian should be proud that mother india has given birth like rampiyari chauhan, whose minor army could fight bravest battles against the cruelest invader like Taimur and save the chastity of Hindustan.


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