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The story of every stone pelter and rioter


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Shabba Khair bhailog … I’m Abdul. I’m one of those people whom no one notices. It doesn’t matter what clothes I’m wearing, how my hairstyle is and whether I’ve had a bath or not. It doesn’t even matter whether I’m educated or what job I do or whether I am married or not. What matters is whether I have faith in my Allah or not. After all He is the creator, provider and the king of this entire world. As per my Mullah, all those who do not believe in Allah are grave sinners and deserve to die.

Yes, anyone who is a Kaffir doesn’t deserve to live. But what to do, I have to live and for that I have to earn a living. If all the Kaffirs of India die, how will I earn? And so I have to tolerate them. Hehehe, don’t be shocked. That is allowed in my religion and till we become rulers again, we will bid our time. Did you know, once upon a time, we ruled Hindustan? We had great kings like Akbar, Aurangzeb and all … such glorious days they were… we were able to rape the Hindu women freely and kill them too and those who got scared of us, converted. How dare you say that my ancestors were one of those? My forefathers came from Turkey. I don’t know where my foremothers came from and neither do you, so shut-up.

Have you seen our women? So traditional … they wear the burkha right from the time they are children. Look at the Hindu girls, they show off their face, hands, legs and even their body through their saris and salwar-kameezes. Shameless! What do you mean, my mother doesn’t wear a burkha? So what? I’m talking about the new generation. When everyone is talking about being modern, our girls are becoming more traditional. How does it matter if they are forced? They obey their men and that is how they remain true Muslims.

Last week someone on my street whistled at a Muslim girl. I wanted to bash him up immediately, but realized that it was my next door Bhai. So I kept quiet. But I took out all my anger in the evening when I saw her talking to my Hindu neighbour. That boy will never talk to a Muslim girl again in his life. Muslim girls are Paak (pure), unlike Hindu girls who are waiting to be wooed.

Bhai saw me beat up that boy so good that he was impressed. He called me to his house and told me that soon there would be an opportunity waiting where I could do service for Allah and also earn some money. He told me to be ready for it, but not breathe a word about it to anyone. It was the chance I was waiting for – Bhai was after all very powerful and rich. To be noticed by him was something!

Yesterday I got the call I was waiting for. Bhai told me that some kaffir had insulted our Prophet (PBUH). I was filled with anger. Then he told me to utilise my anger well and join some other youth to burn up the police station. I was scared for a minute. I asked him, “Bhai, police station? What if I am caught?” Bhai said, “Mard ka bachcha hai tu, sirf Allah se daro. Waise hum hai na sambhalne ke liye.” (You are the son of a man … fear only Allah. If anything happens to you, I shall handle it)

I immediately left for the police station with my hockey stick. Other people had already come there and had started throwing stones and petrol bombs. I wanted to show them that I was no less. I swung my hockey stick at the police vehicle and broke all the panes. Then I set them to fire. Yess! I had taught a lesson to that kaffir who had written bad about my Prophet.

Today morning I was picked up by the police and given treatment as per their standards. Apparently I had been captured on some video, doing my heroic acts. I also heard them telling that they will sell my property to pay for the vehicles I had damaged. I was shocked, but then I remembered Bhai saying that he would handle it. In the afternoon Bhai came to the police station and had a word with the Inspector. But he left without even talking to me. The inspector came in and saw that the treatment given to me was light. I was now getting worried as to what would happen to me and my old mother. I asked the inspector, “Saab, kya bola Bhai ne?” The inspector gave a sinister smile and said, “You saved your Allah, no? Be happy with that. Haven’t you been compensated enough? Bhai doesn’t know who you are and hasn’t paid your bail money. Allah Haafiz.”


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