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The smooth and successful vaccination drive by Modi Govt is something that is unimaginable for any other Party in India !!


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No matter how much the opposition may abuse Modi, can one person tell me that the world’s largest vaccination drive has gone on so smoothly!  Not a single scam, not a little bit of favoritism. If there was something, even  a n needle in the haystack the opposition would be tearing into the government. The fact that today the opposition is raising Adani, Ambani, inane and most irrelevant issues clearly indicates that they’ve no real scam in the vaccination drive to unearth.

It goes to prove the success of this massive campaign! 

The fact that we are amongst the top three countries of the world who have managed to bring the vaccine on time…not only that we have been giving more than 2.4 million doses of Chinese virus vaccine gratis to more 50 countries!! 

Can we imagine something like this during the previous government’s regime ? 

We would have seen favoritism…hoarders…middlemen…vaccines been sold in black…fake vaccines etc !!

The scene of people being killed in notoriously famous cities, the whole blame then being put on RSS and then there would be some Madam’s full paid ad pages…some “Gandhi vaccination yojna”….whole thing would have been a debacle a complete hogwash!

The high profile black markeeters cum politicians would have hijacked it directly from.the manufacturers…sold each in 2000-3000 rupees in the grey market. Just imagine the chaos! Our infamous journos cum wheeler dealers selling them to their foreign handlers. Dons in Karachi getting hold of these and millions of dollars worth of vaccines shipped across through illegal boats by compromising Indian coast guard and other security agencies. There would’ve been an endless debate and mayhem and usual the wily congress aided by their godi media would have laid the blame squarely on favorite whipping boys the BJP and RSS!!

The whole thing has gone on so smoothly…not a whimper or a word on this !! 


This is something all Modi Haters must take note of !


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