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When Marathas took the bravest revenge – Descreted the tomb of Najib ul Daullah, digging up his burial & throwing his bones to the dogs

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Vishwas Rao the first born to Peshwa Shrimant Nana Sahib & the Supreme Commander of the Maratha forces in the Third Battle of Panipat was extremely handsome. So much so that when his body was brought to Ahmad Shah Abdali & his commanders, they were all spellbound by the beauty of this 17 year old who fought bravely & succumbed to his injuries. Shah Baba as Ahmad Shah was fondly called by his men, was completely awestruck looking at the radiation from the face of the Teenage Son of Peshwa & wanted to carry back the body with him after stuffing it with necessary chemicals. The idea was tabled by the wretched Rohilla Sardar Najib ul Daullah. This man was the key conspirator to invite Abdali to India so that he can become the Grand Wazir.

However Najib’s ambition was very short lived, only for 8 years as he passed away with multiple illness in 1770. But what’s even more satisfying was that the resurrected Maratha forces under the able leadership of Mahadji Shinde had not forgotten Najib’s mischief in Panipat & at Burari Ghat. Hence in 1772 when the Maratha forces re-occupied Delhi, Mahadji dispatched a huge Maratha army to avenge Panipat & Burari Ghat to the heart of Rohilla land. The victorious Maratha forces not only completely devastated the Rohilla Capital but to the utter satisfaction of Mahadji completely descreted the tomb of Najib, digging up his burial & throwing his bones to the dogs. An extremely befitting revenge even after death.

This was the second such instance in the history of Bharat, the first one being when Rajaram Jat dug up Sikandra (Akbar’s Tomb) in Agra & burnt his body remains. 🚩

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