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The half baked activism and liberal imagination is restricted to Hindu Dharmic festivals ! Dare to give this LGBT twist in Eid or XMAS ads ??

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How can we have a Hindu Festival without some brand or the other making a hypocritical mockery of it ??

The latest one to join the cabal is FEM who take wokism to unbelievable heights !! While playing with the sanctity of a festival which is layered with devotion the ad crosses not just the religious but the constitutional peripheries as well.

The festival which started ages ago when the men folk would fight fierce battles in far off lands, when the men would be gone for months on end in search of livelihood. There were no means of communication and quite often the wife would be greeted with the news of husband’s death. The anxiety and the deep love for the beloved finds a lofty culmination in the celebration of this festival.

One has to keep in mind that the festival is ONLY celebrated by married women who keep a fast for their ” husbands” . Neither the constitution nor the Hindu Marriage Act in any way legalises Gay Marriage. The ad is a bizarre biased take on liberal imagination.

I dare the brand to market the beauty product where two women are saying ” Qubool Hai” in a Nikaah !!

I dare the brand to market themselves showcasing a woman priestess presiding the kissing of two brides !!!

Do the talk and walk the wokism !! Stop the selective targeting of Hindu cultural festivals and traditions !!

Yes ! Hindus are tolerant but by no means are we frivolous !
Yes ! Hindus are flexible but by no means compromising !
Yes ! Hindus do not issue fatwas but by no means we will remain silent !

Shame on you Fem for trivializing a very pure festival in the garb of liberalism! You have denigrated yourself not only as a brand but as responsible part of whole that is India !!

If Tanishq and Fab India were not examples enough … you as a brand are woefully inept at business marketing , irresponsible in building a National image, and completely abysmal in upholding religious fabric of our country !!

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  1. True.Hindu bashing and downgrading has become a fashion.These corporates should be given a reply .Who gives them the right to cross boundaries or all Sermons are only for us.Hindus need to be aggressive.


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