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Lakhimpur Kheri: Teenage sisters raped, murdered by Suhail, Junaid, Karimuddin, Arif, Hafizul Rehman, and Chotu


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Two young Dalit sisters were discovered hanging from a tree outside a village in the Nighasan area of Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kheri district. The sisters were found to be around 14 and 17 years old, respectively.

Following the event on Wednesday night, the neighborhood’s villagers and the family of the girls staged a protest, stopped the road, and demanded justice for the victims.

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Sisters were killed after being accused of wanting to wed them. U.P. Police

The two sisters were strangled to death by the accused after they insisted that the men marry them because they had been violated, according to the authorities. The girls were killed after being raped.

“The males raped the girls by taking advantage of the fact that they were friendly with them. The men became enraged and strangled the girls with their dupattas as they continued to insist that they would have to marry them. They thereafter summoned two of their pals, who assisted them in hanging the ladies to make it appear as though they had committed suicide “Sanjeev Suman, Superintendent of Police (SP), said.

The primary suspect, Chotu, allegedly introduced the girls to three other people but was absent from the crime scene. The two people who assisted them in a cover-up attempt and the three perpetrators of the crime, according to him, are from a nearby village to the girls.

One of the males was reportedly captured this morning during a confrontation with the police, who shot him in the leg. Police reported that he had been recognised on Wednesday.

In addition to being charged under the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, all six have been booked for murder and rape.

The girls “were not forcibly abducted,” according to the SP.

He claimed that a team of three doctors is doing the post-mortem investigation.

“Some family members of the victims will be inside because they wanted to be sure, and it will be videotaped. Everything that the family requests will be fulfilled. That is significant, we realise, “added he.

Chotu, Junaid, Sohail, Arif, Hafiz, and Karimuddin have been named as the defendants.

They are all being questioned.

Indian State’s history of anti-Hindu actions

Unfortunately, a sizable portion of Bharat’s still-colonized governmental apparatus appears to be bred with similar brutality and indifference for Hindus. As minority zealots gain strength, law and order deteriorates whenever a “secular” government is in office, but because colonised ideas are so deeply established, animosity toward Hindus persists even when a more nationalist government is in office.

Let’s examine a few instances.

When it was discovered that SDPO Noor Mustafa Ansari was attempting to weaken the case against alleged stalker Shahrukh Hussain and his accomplice Naeem Ansari—Ankita was just 15 but her age was listed as 19 in the FIR—he was suspended from his position. Ankita’s family struggled to raise money for her care, and as a result, she died; in contrast, the same Jharkhand government flew a Muslim rioter to Delhi for medical attention.

When three Muslim brothers raped and burned alive 15-year-old Arti Kumari in a similar crime in Jharkhand in 2018, ASI Anashwar Singh of the Pratappur police station allegedly tried to weaken the case to protect the powerful defendant.

Police in Faridabad and Noida responded indifferently to Mona, a victim of grooming jihad who recently suffered horrible sexual and physical torture at the hands of her Muslim ‘husband’ and his family.

Delhi Police first declined to even name the suspect in the FIR when a 14-year-old Hindu girl was kidnapped by her 32-year-old Muslim neighbour Saddam Ansari because they didn’t want the case to become “communal.” Unexpectedly, a senior officer said that the kid “eloped of her own will,” revealing a lack of legal expertise. POCSO was not used in this instance. To look into the situation, police requested “petrol money” from the underprivileged family.

In numerous instances, West Bengal Police threatened and intimidated victims who dared to file complaints during the 2021 post-poll pogrom against Hindus. In some instances, they even instructed Hindu women to go and “settle” the matter with Muslim goons in order to secure the release of their husbands.

The judiciary eventually transferred the most serious post-poll offences to CBI for investigation after stalling for months.

Islamists accused of heinous crimes frequently receive bail from our courts. After being arrested for kidnapping, threatening, and coercing a young Hindu girl into conversion, Naeem Ansari, the man who assisted stalker Shahrukh Hussain in burning Ankita alive, was released on bond. Even if lower courts do their jobs and condemn an Islamist who raped and killed a 4-year-old girl to death, the SC cuts the punishment in accordance with the collegium concept that “every sinner has a future.”

While choosing the appropriate party and candidate does matter, no government has been able to change the Adharmic, colonial nature of the Indian State to date. The only way to develop a decent and peaceful society is to completely decolonize the country and rebuild it as a Dharmic Rashtra.


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