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Thackreay Sarkar is playing with Hindu sentiments & giving lands of Temples to Builder lobby : Bjp Leader Kirit Somaiya.


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Mumbai : In a sensational revelation Senior Bjp leader Kirit Somaiya alleged serious irregularities by Udhhav Thackreay lead MVA govt.
At a press conference held at Bjp karyalay Nariman Point , the senior Bjp leader alleged thar Uddhav sarkar has committed irregularities to benifit certain Builder lobby.
Revealing the name he further said
“Sahid balva , Avinash Bhosale, Vinod Goenka these 3 builders have been benifited by Maharashtra govt.”

Somaiya further informed the press “In order to get TDR for Mahakali Road & Mahakali Caves Nagar Vikas Mantralay gave
26 september 2020 issued a GR
.Surprising Fact is that on 13 June 2019 the Mumbai Maha Nagar Palaki declared that TDR cannot be issued for this Mahakali Caves”

He also added that for this TDR ,in 2014 these builders filed a PIL in the Mumbai High court and demanded to give order to mahapalika to issue TDR but the Court refused to agree their demands, till today this PIL is still pending”.

On 24 december 2020 the same Mahapalika recommended that the TDR should be give to this builders . For this mahapalika says that no permission needed from Archeology department of India or Court.

In 2013 during Prithvi Raj chavan’s government & 2019 during Fadnavis govt regime the TDR was rejected.

But when Uddhav Government came in power suddenly the gates reopened and Mahapalika changed all the judgement of court regarding this matter.

“In 2017 when modi government cancelled the license of shell companies , there was a company in that list which belonged to Sanjay Raut “: Kirti Somaiya.

Kirit somaiya added that Uddhav Sarkar is Playing with the Hindu sentiments. Just for personal benifit Uddhav Sarkar is giving the land of Mandir to Builders.
If this condition remanis then tomorrow they can also sell the Siddhivinayak Mandir.”

It is to be noted that Bjp leader Kirit Somaiya has been the most vocal and attacked the MVA govt with a series of expose of irregularities done by Thackreay govt.


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