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400 years old idol of God Ram was beheaded in Andhra Pradesh, while more than 120 attacks on Hindu temples already committed in the state under the regime of Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy


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On 29 December 2020, a 400-year-old idol of God Ram was beheaded at the Sita Lakshmana Kodandarama temple in Ramatheertham in Andhra Pradesh. When the priest reached the temple in the early morning of 29 December, he found door of the ancient temple broken open, the sanctum sanctorum vandalised and idol of God Ram beheaded. The decapitated  head of God Ram’s idol was found in temple pond the next day. 

Attack on Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh is not a singular act, but it has been repeated offences after Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy took oath as the second Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 30 May 2019 post its bifurcation. In the last 19 months, more than 120 attacks were committed on Hindu temples and their properties in a systematic plan. 

  • On 21 January 2020, 23 temple idols at six temples in the temple town of Pithapuram in East Godavari district were desecrated. Goddess Puruhutika resides at Pithapuran, which is one of the 18 Sakti Peethams, holiest for Hindus. 
  • On 13 February 2020, an ancient wooden chariot of Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Swamy temple in Nellore district was burnt to coal pieces much before the locals were preparing for Bramhotsavam festivities to be held from March 4. The chariots had been poured inflammable liquid and set it on fire. 
  • On 28 March 2019, two old Hindu temples in Suryaraopeta, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh were demolished by Church authorities using a JCB machine. Then they stole the antique idols of presiding deities. The villagers identified the culprits as Church Pastor Prabhudas and three others, who had been converting Hindus under the banner of “Christu Sangam” for the last five years.
  • On 6 September 2020, a 62-year-old chariot of presiding deity Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swami was burnt down at Antarvedi in East Godavari district. What can be more anguishing than that the chariot was reduced to ashes!

These continuous destruction of Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh is tip of iceberg as there has been attacks after attacks on Hindu temples. What is miserable is that Hindus are in majority, still they are treated as second class citizens. Why has Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh remained mute spectator to every attack on Hindu temple? He is a devout Christian. From the day he has become Chief Minister, he has opened the treasury of the state to the Christian community to encourage conversion drive on fast track. Surprisingly, his administration hardly took any action against the culprits, who have been attacking not only Hindu temples but giving a clear signal that they would suppress their religious sentiment at their will. 

When Islamic attackers had invaded India in medieval period, what they first did was to destroy and demolish as many ancient and magnificent Hindu temples as they could have, in order to establish Islamic rule. Next, the Islamic barbarians brutally converted Hindus to Islam. Pakistan has been following the same formula to wipe out other minorities since independence with a clear intention to establish absolute Islamic dominance and control on its land, as hundreds of Muslims attacked a historic Hindu temple, Shri Krishna Dwara Mandir and set it on fire in Teri village of Karak district in Peshawar on 30 December. 

When St. Francis Xavier landed in Goa in May 1542, he ordered Franciscan missionaries to destroy as many Hindu temples as they could have. A campaign by Franciscan missionaries demolished more than 300 Hindu temples in Bardez, which is North Goa, and equal numbers of Hindu temples were destroyed in Salcete, which is South Goa. With destruction of temples, it was bloodiest massacre of Hindus. 

What is a disgusting is that small incident of theft in a Church in Delhi made India intolerant, but more than 120 brutal attack in Andhra Pradesh hardly made even national news. What can be more humiliating for Hindus in India? 

The biggest fraud that has been committed to India’s Hindus—who have been brutalised by Islamic Invasion and Christian subjugation—were injected the falsehood of secularism that Hindus can co exist with descendants or converts of Islamic attackers and Christian subjugators, while these two left no occasion to bleed India and Hindus 


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