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TCS runs ‘Support Campaigns’ for Ukrainians, but Completely Ignores the Displaced and Suffering Hindus in India


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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has long been venerated as a symbol of a rising Indian IT prowess. The pioneering Information Technology company has amassed its place among the top IT services companies in the world. Its growing popularity has become emblematic of the entrepreneurial energies and tech prowess of an aspirational nation seeking global recognition.

TCS is undoubtedly a fantastic company, and it has employed millions of IT professionals in India, and also pays taxes of several thousand crores annually. But sometimes TCS acts in an extremely biased way, and in this article, we will try and understand its motives behind that.

Russia and Ukraine are currently at war, and all the countries want to help those in trouble with one or the other. While the USA and its western allies are supplying arms and ammunition to Ukraine, India is helping them with food supplies and medicines. TCS has also initiated a campaign to donate one million euros (nearly Rs 8.5 crore) to aid organizations working across Europe in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to media reports, a TCS spokesperson stated that they are concerned about the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Ukraine and have decided to contribute one million Euros to aid organizations involved in relief efforts to support humanitarian needs across Europe.

TCS sent an email to all its employees to make some contributions toward its Ukraine campaign.

As per the TCS sources, the company does not do business in Russia or Ukraine, but they are keeping an eye on the situation there. The company is also assisting its customers in making strategies to prepare for any eventuality in this crisis.

Europe is indeed important client geography for TCS and other Indian IT Companies. According to data compiled from the quarterly earnings reports of top Indian IT service companies, Europe is the second-most important client geography for software service providers from India, accounting for 20-25% of total business. If this conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalates, then it may hamper their business prospects.

TCS Claims to have a multi-dimensional approach that includes relief assistance, resilience support, and rescue support to the victims. It also makes use of its core strengths including financial contributions, resource mobilization, pro-bono-services, and volunteering to assist the people in need.

But the same TCS never comes forward for the cause of Hindu interest. Have you seen the TCS helping the Kashmiri displaced Hindus or the Hindus who have been driven out of Pakistan or Afghanistan? Or have you seen them assisting the Hindus rooted out from West Bengal?

TCS and several other multi-national organizations portray themselves as the harbinger of Humanity. They put all sorts of efforts, run various campaigns to help people in any corner of the world, collect funds for them, supply food items, and various other stuff. However, when it comes to helping their own people, then their lethargic attitude really shocks us.

We personally feel that these multinationals must pay some attention to the downtrodden people in their own country, make arrangements to assist them and provide adequate assistance to the displaced and suffering Hindus in India.

There is a famous saying, that Charity begins at the home, these multinationals must follow this principle in true spirit.


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