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Taseeruddin, a local Ghaziabad cook, caught spitting in dough while making ‘chapatis’, arrested


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The police in Ghaziabad have arrested a man who was caught on video preparing chapatis (rotis) at a roadside eatery by allegedly spitting on the dough. The incident took place at a hotel in the Sahibabad area of Ghaziabad, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Tila More police station.

The eatery is located on the Mohan Nagar-Wazirabad (Delhi) Road, in the Pasonda village. The police have filed an official report (FIR) under Indian Penal Code sections 269 and 270, which pertain to negligent and malignant conduct that could spread dangerous infections.

The incident was brought to the attention of the police after the video went viral on social media, according to Poonam Mishra, Superintendent of Police, Sahibabad.


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