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Targeted Brutal Killing of Hindus across India- A well-oiled radical Islamist Machinery behind this, when will this STOP?


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Despite having a dominant Hindu population in India, the hostilities against the majority community have increased over time. Radical Islamists have aggressively started attacking innumerable Hindus, and their processions, amid several Hindu festivals like Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti.

Since the so-called blasphemous statement of BJP leader Nupur Sharma, the barrage of anti-Hindu incidents has been opened. Nupur’s remarks about the Prophet Mohammed. The incident sparked uproar among India’s critical Arab trading partners and calls from around the Gulf to boycott Indian goods.

Then came the brutal murder of Tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, which created an environment of fear, and sparked tension and protests in various parts of India. The gruesome killing of a tailor was filmed by two Muslim killers, who also bragged about avenging an insult to Islam. Kanhaiya Lal was threatened multiple times over his social media posts in support of BJP leader Nupur Sharma.

A few days later, in Maharashtra, Chemist Umesh Kolhe was brutally killed for his social media post in support of the expelled BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Facebook. Umesh Kolhe was stabbed to death while he was returning back home. Police said that it was Irfan Shaikh who gave the assailants money and the bike to kill Umesh Kolhe. Whereas another accused Dr. Yusuf Khan, who was a close acquaintance of Umesh Kolhe, had helped the chemist’s post go viral by forwarding it to a Muslim WhatsApp group.

On 26th July 26, we witnessed the mysterious death of an engineering student in Bhopal. Nishank Rathore, a third-year college student, was found dead on the railway tracks near Obaidullaganj town in the Raisen district. Before his death, his father had received a message that read, “Gustakh-e-Nabi ki ek saza, sar tan sey judaa.” Which is a clear indication that his death is somehow related to the ongoing Islamic blasphemous madness across the nation.

In a recent case, Praveen Kumar Nettaru, who was a BJP Yuva Morcha member, was brutally hacked to death, with sharp weapons. As per the police, a few unidentified assailants killed him, and there has been strong evidence against the Islamist terrorist organizations PFI and SDPI.

Hours after the arrest of two accused named Mohammed Shafiq Ballere and Zaqir Savanuru, in connection with the murder of Praveen Kumar Nettaru in Karnataka, reports emerged that Shafiq and Zakir are linked with PFI and SDPI.

The pattern shows that these targeted killings are taking place to instill a sense of fear in the Hindus. It has been observed that there is a well-oiled mechanism behind these killings. There is no doubt that these murders have been orchestrated with the active help of PFI and several other Islamist organizations.

The well oiled Terror Factory inside India is killing Hindus

The most notorious ones are Darul Khada or the Satya Sarini, which claims to be handling the ‘social’ work of the radical Islamic outfit. This organization is actively assisting the radical Islamist organization to spread jihad and strengthen the concept of radical Islam in India.

While the Sathya Sarani trust has known for carrying out religious conversions to disturb the demographics. It has been linked to ISIS and some sources say that they recruit people for radical Islamic organizations.

Whereas the Darul Khada is known for brainwashing and mobilizing the Muslim youths to attack Hindus. Darul Khada makes tall claims that it handles civil disputes for the Muslim community. But these are not mere civil disputes, they do order the attacks and killing of Hindu leaders to fortify their dominance.

To our shock, it’s not a new phenomenon. In 2018, the NIA (National Investigation Agency) did prepare a dossier that stated the PFI’s outfit, Darul Khada is running a parallel administration in the country. The NIA dossier also stated that in July 2009, the Darul Khada released a Kerala-level declaration in Malappuram in which it had called upon the Muslim community to boycott the civil courts, and instead approach them for any legal or social remedy.

Even during the investigation of the gruesome murder of Bajrang Dal worker Harsha and an incident with professor TJ Joseph, whose hand was chopped off, the NIA found that there was a specific pattern in all the recent attacks on Hindu leaders across India. The PFI, SDPI, and Darul Khada are working in tandem to orchestrate such brutal murders.

Well, we don’t know how to react to such disturbing revelations. We are Hindus, it is our nation, and we are living on this land for thousands of years. Still, we are unable to live our lives in peace. The government must immediately ban these terror organizations and ensure no such killing of Hindus takes place in India. We already had enough of it, this must be stopped now.


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