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Swastika, Hindu Ancient Auspicious Holy Symbol Is Defamed by West


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The phone rings, man on the other side verifies if it is me. I politely enquire about the reason for his outreach. He introduces himself to me as an Associated Press Reporter and quickly moved on to accuse me adamantly of having a Nazi emblem on my Twitter profile. Apparently, my leftist Democrat opponent complained to this news organization about my profile and he was questioning why I had it on. He also claimed that I had supposedly taken it down. It took me a minute to understand what was going on. Essentially, a plot was being laid out to label me throughout the campaign. Typical for leftist Democrats to attack first, though, and I was not shocked. Wasting no time I responded to Mr. Todd Richmond of the Associated Press on the phone, firmly:

1. First of all, westerners referring to Hiter’s HakenKreuz as the Hindu auspicious holy symbol of divinity and eternity, Swastika, is deliberate

2. By continuing to do so, after numerous attempts of advocacy, west is arrogantly defaming and targeting global Hindus

3. Ignorance or lack of knowledge about Swastika in the past can be understood. However, what excuse is there to not know about it in this age of information and the internet?

4. STOP.

5. I confirmed to have Swastika in all my social media profiles, and 

6. additionally, I have absolutely no intention of taking them down

He quietly ends the conversation. There came NO widespread AP news article labeling me as a Nazi fascist. See the post-phone call monologue here. Sadly, this does not solve the real issue. West continues to willfully damage Hindus and Hindutva(ism) with ZERO consequences. 

Note, West is noted here as combined western and European intellectuals, media, social media, politicians, academia, organizations, corporations, community leaders, institutions, government bodies, influencers, religious bodies, and so on. The new generation of westerners is not aware of the reality of Swastika. They were taught Swastika as a symbol of hate, and racism. Cunning fiction to connect Hindu Swastika to Hitler’s HakenKreuz was simply VILE propaganda. As painful, daunting, mountainous, difficult, or challenging a task as it might be, this breed of Hindus MUST CORRECT the generational lies. And Hindus SHALL set the record straight and stop this propaganda from flourishing.

Let’s go!

History of Swastika

An antiquated Hindu sacred symbol used by Hindus for eons, Swastika comes from the Sanskrit word Svastika. SU/SV (good) ASTI (to prevail or to be or to exist), meaning “to bring auspiciousness” or “let there be good”, literally and figuratively. It means auspicious, luck, peace, prosperity, good fortune, abundance, well-being, and eternity, with NO negative association with violence or hate. Many bygone civilizations dating back to the prehistoric era to newer wiped-out now-in-museums civilizations such as Aztecs (14th-16th century) used a variation of the symbol. The Swastika was found all over the world – Indus Valley civilizations, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrians, Taoism, Balinese, West Africa, and so on. Reportedly it was seen in the art and culture of some native American tribes by the late 1800 and early 1900s. Hindus, the last survivor of prehistoric civilizations, had preserved and carried this ancient symbol with its original meaning widely through worships, homes, temples, vehicles, etc.

15,000 year old Swastika found in Russian border
15,000 year old Swastika found in Russian border

In 1908 Swastika was found near the Russian border on a small ivory figurine of a female bird, made from tusk of a mammoth that had been carbon-dated back to 15,000 years ago, currently displayed in the Kiev National Museum of History, Ukraine. The leftist most vile anti-Hindu British propaganda channel BBC could not hide the fact.

8,000 years old Swastika found in Bulgaria
8,000 years old Swastika found in Bulgaria

An 8000-year-old frog-like Swastika made of nephrite was discovered during archeological excavations in Bulgaria.

5000-year-old Indus Valley Swastika
5000-year-old Indus Valley Swastika

5000-year-old Indus Valley Swastika can be seen here.

Examining Connection of HakenKreuz with Swastika

Cutting to the chase, Hitler did NOT call the Nazi logo as Swastika. In fact, he never used the word “Swastika” to refer to his infamous symbol. By his admission in Mein Kampf (“My Struggle” an autobiography of Hitler”), he is a Christian and his German Socialist Nazi party was hard-core Christian, publicly. Presumably saw the “hooked cross” as a boy at the Lambach Abbey, a Christian monastery, where Hitler used to sing in the choir, he specifically mentions his party’s symbol as Hooked Cross or Crooked Cross or “HakenKreuz“. The connection between German Christian Protestant Priest Martin Luther’s influence on Germany’s Christianity, the origin of antisemitism as a pre-modern rejection of Judaism by Christianity, extreme antisemitic views of Luther, and the influence of antisemitism on Hitler was so much so that He called himself as “second Luther”. From 1933 onwards, catholic schools in Germany taught children about the close affinity between the cross and the hooked cross. An article from Swarajya magazine by True Indology breaks down the infusion of Cross and Hooked Cross.

There was no connection between Hindu Swastika with Hitler’s Nazi Christian Hooked Cross AKA HakenKreuz. 

When West Started Referring To HakenKreuz As Swastika?

It’s a bit longer story. Please bear with me. 

Interest in Indian scriptures, religion, and culture of the German and English scientists, politicians, and scholars was incredible. Foreigners usually spent a great deal of time learning the Indian languages, and culture, translating Indian scriptures into their languages, which unfortunately were used to create massive propaganda against Hindu society through writings, articles, books, publications, and policies.

The English language was brought to India by Protestant Christian British historian Thomas Babington Macaulay (some “lord”), in 1835. Indians were heavily punished for using traditional language as he diverted government funds only on imparting western education, English medium, and not on oriental Indian education. Macaulay’s disgust for Indian eastern philosophy was so deep that he advocated for shutting down all colleges where only eastern philosophy was taught. In his eyes, the Indian education system and Indian subjects simply were inferior to western and European learning. According to Macaulay, the conversion of the Hindus to Christianity held the core answer to solving the problem to administer India. ”It is my belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolator among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence.” – Protestant Christian Lord Macaulay wrote to his father, a Presbyterian minister. 

Meanwhile, in 1853, Aryan Invasion Theory was cooked up, formulated, polished, and vehemently popularized by the prime culprit German Christian scholar (Indologist) Friedrich Max Müller (under the payroll of the British East India Company) to justify English intrusion into India and subsequent colonial rule. AIT is a perfect theory with no proof to lay the foundation of the narrative that Hindus were not original to India, and were foreign settlers. A brilliant propaganda of the Aryan-Dravidian divide marinated with the manufactured Caste discord was a shockingly scandalous construct to pit Hindus against each other to insert conversation of Hindus into Christianity as a solution, while the British rule Indian society. TRULY MASTERMINDS. ”It [the Rig Veda] is the root of their religion and to show them what the root is, I feel sure, is the only way of uprooting all that has sprung from it during the last three thousand years.” – Max Mueller wrote to his wife in 1866. Fortunately, the myth of AIT and foreign fiction has been since busted, although it is still the lifeline of the disgraceful Marxists and western intelligentsia. However, the irreparable damage caused by the FAKE “theory” by the disinformation machinery was unmistakably destructive to Indian history, culture, and heritage; grievously witnessed in the Indian education system even today. “Macaulay and Max Mueller” was an exemplary team of twins where Conversion and Colonialism were propagated hand in hand.

James Murphy [Bachelor of Divinity] was a Priest before turning into journalism
James Murphy [Bachelor of Divinity] was a Priest before turning into journalism

In 1896, Thomas Wilson was studying the Swastika at American Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. To refresh your memory, the German Socialist Nazi party was active between 1920-1945. I hereby safely claim that it was a well-known global name among western scholars many decades before the German Nazi party surfaced and its purpose was not hidden either. Thanks to James Vincent Murphy, an Irish/English Christian Priest turned journalist, who translated Mein Kampf into English, as a salaried employee of the Nazi ministry of propaganda. The unabridged Murphy translation was published in 1939 and Murphy cunningly morphed the Hooked Cross into a foreign Hindu pagan nomenclature of “Swastika”.

As Hitler became a liability for the west, substituting his notorious motif with a misnomer by Christian evangelists to conceal the truth of Christian socialism was a genius idea. By portraying him as a pagan, Christian missionaries not only dissociated from horrific cruelties, successfully but also masked the connection between German Christian Socialism (Crossed “S” for Socialist in Hooked Cross) and the Nazi party.

While these conspiracies were being executed by the western intellectuals and politicians, Hindus had no idea how their sacred symbol and designation were stolen by the rich west by the sheer mechanism of the “nexus of superiors”. How could Hindus fight such a deep foreign agenda when Indians were drowning with man-made famines, poverty, and world war II, all the while her wealth was being looted by the alien elites? At the same time, Indians were engaged in the freedom movement at home while simultaneously were busy arranging for daily rice and lentils. Poverty has its limitations. 

Stateless Global Hindus

Indian constitution is deeply anti-Hindu, since its conception. Since its bloody partition caused by the Islamist agents of Islamic State of Pakistan in 1947, Hindus instead, wistfully, are crucified by the same British-engineered caste propaganda. Some world class exemplary democracy. Concurrently, India was undermined by powerful offshore players. I have not heard of any Indian law that will free and protect the Hindu sacred Swastika from the clutches of western entities’ narratives, globally. Additionally, Hindus do not behave like certain kinds of violent militants, in general, to impact policies. Hindus do not have a global support system and no leader (from local to state to federal) or media or court listens to Hindu grievances – a gravely disturbing phenomenon has been noted globally for Hindus. Hindu complaints do not have a path forward. In all cases, outreach and advocacy fall flat. Hence, Hindus became stateless, permanently, globally. At this point, independent reporting and social media seem to be the only way, despite all left-wing platforms suppressing and shadow-ban pro-Hindu content. Well-funded anti-Hindu international groups engage in threatening and silencing the Hindus. In most cases, Hindu issues barely see the light of day. However, not surprisingly, my opponent, being a leftist Democrat, had direct access to the top international corporate media channel (AP). AP was founded in New York, in 1846. Most articles are written by AP staff members belonging to the Newspaper Guild Union, a part of the AFL-CIO, a left-wing union group of 58 unions that spans all professions such as pilots, media, writers, artists, firefighters, teachers, construction workers, police associations, sports, engineers, even award unions. Powerful left cabal, unfortunately inaccessible to the Hindus and conservatives. Will India push a law to protect and free Swastika from the clutches of western propaganda?

Undoing the Cunningness of the West and the Deliberate Deception? 

Google translation equates HakenKreuz to Swastika
Google translation equates HakenKreuz to Swastika

West’s attempt to misuse and misrepresent Hindu pagans by calling HakenKreuz as Swastika was a vile attempt of maligning Hindu heritage. How can a thousands-of-years-old Hindu Sanskrit divine symbol that was wrongfully accused by the west be maligned as a racist design or a pattern of hate or a motif of fascism? Wikipedia (one of the left-wing, biased, and infiltrated platforms) propagated a total lie and complete fabrication by equating both. Many Hindu organizations pointed this out before and advocated for its actual meaning and usage. YET, western companies, media, and academia do not seem to nudge a bit. California recently acknowledged the differences between the two. How an ancient symbol was hijacked by the evil agenda was published by the far-left British propaganda channel BBC. Recently, an Indian-origin Canadian MP urged to distinguish between these words. Google translation is at the same level. Undoing global conspiracy will not be easy. English dictionary of Cambridge certified that Hindu Swastika was used as Hitler’s Socialist Christian Nazi Party’s design. Powerful organizations and well-oiled entities must be challenged.

Connecting The Dots

Hitler had no intention of misappropriating his design HakenKreuz as Swastika. Hitler called it Haken (hooked) Kreuz (cross), i.e. Hooked Cross, in his biography. In the first English translation of Mein Kampf by trained-in-America padre James Vincent Murphy MISTRANSLATED Swastika for HakenKreuz in 1939, DELIBERATELY. Subsequent referrals by English, American, German churches, scholars, media, politicians, publications without opposition made the popular word almost synonymous with evil and racism, globally. West cleverly promoted it as Hindu Swastika with massive disregard for the ancient symbol, its meaning, and the Hindu religion. NOW YOU KNOW!

Oh…the brutalities of the past. If this does not boil your blood, I do not know what will. Hitler’s brutality and antisemitism had NOTHING to do with Hindus or Hinduism but were deeply rooted in Christianity and the intention of establishing “Germanic Aryan pure supreme race”. The repercussion? They killed Jews. Hindus got framed and lost the freedom to practice their religion without being hunted or burnt down, globally. Many such intricate ancient symbols such as Shri Yantra or Kuber yantra exist with different patterns and meanings. As a Hindu, I use the ancient Vedic holy sacred symbol of Swastika as per our religion, tradition, culture, and heritage for well-being, prosperity, and auspiciousness. We are NOT Nazis. We shall NOT pay for Nazi crimes against humanity. Stop framing us.

Hitler caused a great deal of pain to the human race and ended up killing 6 million Jews in the quest of forming one superior white Christian race. For that, he deserves to burn in hell. Ban Hiter’s Nazi hooked cross – we are all for it. But WHY purposefully destroy Hindu Swastika?

The propaganda of imprisoning & holding our Hindu Swastika hostage by the west is the biggest hoax. And it continues. We are forced to pay for someone else’s crimes with no dignity or regard for our antiquity and the meaning of the symbol merely because of someone’s #mistranslatory project. UNBELIEVABLE CRUELTY & IT IS UNACCEPTABLE to be allowed to continue. 

At the same token, I have noticed that no one has ever banned nor defamed the hammer, crescent moon-sickle, crescent moon, or pentagram star symbols of the communists and Islam. Many Islamic and Communist countries’ flags have such symbols, which are associated with unimaginable horrid genocide on humanity. ~100 million people dead in 100 years of communism (~60 million by Mao, ~30 million by Stalin, ~10 mil by others). Can you tell me what the massacre toll was caused by followers of Islam? Do you know how many Indians were killed by British? I do not see Indians destroying or demonizing or defaming UK, its monarchy nor asking for reparation for their brutal oppression and racism nor banning some symbols as evil?

While you ponder upon these queries, I urge the west to STOP defaming, targeting, demonizing, belittling Hindus, and misusing Hindu primeval heritage, symbols, motifs, or patterns. I am NOT asking the west for reparation for your damage. I am merely asking you to STOP 🛑. JUST STOP. 🛑

#FreeHinduSwastika #ProtectHinduSwastika

Purnima Nath
Purnima Nathhttp://nathpurnima.com
TV Panelist. Writer. Geopolitical analyst. HINDU #SecMkeGop #2022GopStateAssemblyC and Founder of Spindle India, a nonprofit. Purnima writes on Geopolitics, Foreign Affairs, and national security.


  1. and yet the modern day hindutvavadis, as well as your beloved GOP, behave exactly like the Nazis who felt so strongly about this symbol of racial pride.


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