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Rahul Gandhi’s SECRET VISIT to White House; Is Congress planning a ‘Regime Change Operation’ to dethrone Modi?


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PM Modi is all set to initiate his much important USA visit in few days. While both governments are quite busy in finalizing some important agreements and other stuff, the disquilified MP Rahul Gandhi has been indulged in some sinister planning to hijack PM Modi’s USA visit.

Rahul Gandhi has been on a 10-day tour to the USA, where he is allegedly giving lectures in various educational institutes. He has been speaking about controversial matters, he has been attacking in Modi govt, Hindutva, Indian Economy and what not. On the other hand, he is labelling BJP and RSS communal, while giving clean chit to a highly radicalized organization such as Muslim League.

There are rumours in the media that Rahul Gandhi paid a secret visit to the White House. Going by his track record, where he stirred the pot, probably to the detriment of his own party and political career, it is being said that this time he has been contributing to the plot of Regime Change operation to dethrone PM Modi.

No, we are not doing rumour mongering.

In an article of the Economic Times, the writer Seema Sirohi has claimed that Rahul Gandhi has made a secret visit to the White House, where he met with some influential personalities of the Biden administration. This visit has been so secretive that it has been kept under the wraps, and not much details are in public domain, as of now.

Well, it is absolutely arguable that at what capacity Rahul Gandhi is meeting with White House administration. However, what raises an alarm is the person he met with. It is being said that Rahul Gandhi has met with Don Lu, Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia.

Now you may be wondering that who is this Donald Lu?

Well, remember the Ex PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan. He made the tall claim while his government was about to be fall. Donald Lu was the central figure in Khan’s claims about a US-backed regime-change operation that toppled his government last month through a no-confidence motion.

Imran Khan has called for the sacking of US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asia Donald Lu for his “sheer arrogance and bad manners”, according to several Pakistani media reports.

Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with Donald Lu will certainly raise many eyebrows, and one could expect significant meddling in the 2024 General Elections in India given that Rahul Gandhi went to the White House. There is not doubt in saying that this ‘secret’ visit reeked of a regime change operation.

Well, Rahul Gandhi is preparing for a Foreign Intervention for a long time in India’s political and social matter. He had urged the US and Europe to intervene to “restore” democracy in India. He did claim that the US and Europe are not doing enough to restore democracy in India as they are getting trade and money from the country.

Even in 2021, Rahul Gandhi had demanded foreign interference. He made controversial comments during an online interaction with Ambassador Nicholas Burns of the Harvard Kennedy School. He was talking about challenges and opportunities in India and reflections on politics and public service. Nicholas Burns is a former American ambassador to Greece, and currently a Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Rahul Gandhi said, “I don’t hear anything from the US establishment about what is happening in India. If you are saying partnership in democracy is, I mean, what’s your view on what is happening here?” Burns was indeed shocked after hearing such a statement from from Rahul Gandhi for asking for the USA and Europe to comment on India’s internal matters.

In September 2018, the Rahul Gandhi visited Kailash Mansarovar and a year later it was found that he secretly met the Chinese ministers during his visit. The meeting was so secret that no media covered it. However, when this issue was raised, the Congress accepted the existence of this meeting.

With repeated demands for foreign interference by Rahul Gandhi, the fact that he visited the White House in secret during his USA tour has raised concerns and speculations about his intentions, who he met and what the implications for India in the next year would be.


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