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Swami Nityanand to set up a Hindu Parliament, do you know what it is?


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Several newspapers reported that Swami Nithyananda is setting up Reserve Bank of Kailaasa and Hindu parliament in the next six months. Where the Reserve Bank of Kailaasa would be a central bank, as we do have in our country, that operates all the money transactions and maintains liquidity in the system. But we are impressed with the idea of the Hindu Parliament, and this article we will be discussing this concept only.

Hindu parliament is indeed an ancient concept for Hinduism, which is used to establish a model government structure to administer the state. The Hindu parliament will be a governing body, which will have five entities: Chit sabha, Raja Sabha, Deva Sabha, Kanaga Sabha, and Nithyananda sabha as reported by Gulf News.

It is believed that all these five entities will be following the concept given by ‘Paramashiva’ in the Vedas and ‘agamas’.

Chit sabha will present consciousness-based spiritual enlightenment science, it will welcome all Hindu representatives and gurus and other renowned personalities from the society. It will also offer the Hindu blessings system to the people if the state.

Raja sabha will be a responsible democratic setup that will invite Hindu leaders of different nations, and other political leaders who believe and appreciate the Hindu principles. This Sabha will endorse these Leaders so that these principles can be implemented in other countries as well. Raja sabha will actually offer the Hindu political system to govern any state or country.

Hindu Deva Sabha will be a think-tank of renowned individuals, who can offer their services to the people of the State and they will be directing the State with the principles described in Vedas, Puranas, and Agamas.

Kanaga sabha will be an entity, which will help in developing the principles related to Hindu resource development. It will include individuals and important leaders related to human beings’ prosperity that includes lifestyle, money, grains, various essential resources like fuel, electricity. The most important objective of Kanaga sabha is to collect this knowledge and share it with other Nations.

The Nithyananda sabha, which is the body comprises of individuals who streamline the administration of the State. These resources will have an enriching experience and enrich the world with the science of blissful living.

Each Sabha will have a strength of 1,008 members, and there will be a democratic mechanism to choose them to lead the State.

Isn’t this an exciting concept? I believe so. We are in the opinion that a Hindu Parliament is a concept that should be implemented in India as well. This will strengthen the Hindus and invoke the usage of Hinduism based principles for running a government.


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