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Amanatullah playing the Islamic victim card for rioter Tahir Hussain, will ‘Shahenshah’ Kejriwal take any action?


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There is a strategic tactic, which is known as Victim playing. It is also called as Playing victim card self-victimization. It is an act of exaggeration of victimhood for several reasons to justify the abuse of others, to gain strategic advantage or to seek attention.

We have seen a lot of such instances in recent times, and in most cases, this victim ‘Trump’ card is used for a specific community only. Earlier this year, Delhi saw the worst riots since 1984’s anti-Sikh pogrom.

Central Government and Delhi Police acted and started taking action against the Architects of this riot and as expected, an Islamic victim card has been played to defend these perpetrators. Be it Sharjeel Imam, who was defended because he was a highly educated person, be it Safoora Zargar, who played to victim card of being a pregnant woman to get the bail, or be it Tahir Hussain, who has been playing a victim card and accusing that he has been framed because he is a ‘Muslim’.

The latest instance is from Kejriwal’s MLA Amanatullah Khan, who is notoriously famous for molding any issue into Hindu-Muslim issue. Here he is playing a victim card on behalf of Tahir Hussain (AAP leader) who is accused in the recent North East Delhi violence. Khan shared the pictures of Hussain’s family and projecting as if he was some saint and Government has seized all his bank accounts and now his family is living a miserable life.

It’s not the first time he played this Islamic victim card, on 7th March, Amanatullah said that Tahir Hussain is facing the consequences of being a Muslim in India. Well, the matter of the fact is, Tahir is behind the bars because he is a Terrorist, not because he is a Muslim.

But the fact is, that Tahir Hussain who conspired with few others to organize these riots, which cost lives for more than 50 people. Hussain is framed for the murder of an IB officer Ankit Sharma.

Aam Aadmi Party has been supporting Amanatullah Khan and Tahir Hussain right from the day-1. As per Delhi’s Crime Branch Tahir Hussain was hiding in Zakir Nagar area, which comes under Okhla Constituency of Amanatulla Khan, before he was arrested.

We only want to say, that irrespective of religion, if anyone found to be conspiring against the Nation and Society, they should be treated as a Terrorist and an appropriate action should be taken against them. Fortunately, such childish victim playing tactics don’t find any takers now, as People are much aware due to social media. Such tactics indeed proved counter-productive for these people.

We also like to ask Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal, who projects himself as the holy grail of the sincerity, truthfulness and righteousness, that why he allows his MLA to openly support a Terrorist? Even the Delhi High court has made stern statements against Tahir Hussain, still Kejriwal is keeping mum. It seems he is afraid of loosing his Muslim vote bank, if he stops Amanaullah Khan, or make any negative comment against his party member Tahir Hussain.

That’s the real face of these Aam Aadmi Party vultures.


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