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Star India’s AsiaNet channel puts highly objectionable Headlines to defame Hindus and Navratri


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Media is allegedly called the “4th pillar of the democracy”. The sole objective of the media is to bring out the truth and give the right direction to society. However, today’s secular and leftist media has nothing to do with the morality and values of journalism. They are hell-bent to defame Hindus by hook or crook.

These media houses now have only one goal, to defame the Hindus, their religion, and their culture in any possible way. Media houses put the blame for Muslim crimes on Hindus. They use Hindu names and terminologies to give an impression that a crime has been committed by a Hindu.

In the latest such case, the AsiaNet news house has orchestrated a piece of doctored news to demean Hindus and the pious festival of Navratri. They published news with a highly objectionable headlines.

Heading: On Navratri, the wife said to her husband that her father-in-law raped her. Husband said: he’ll force her to sleep with his father

As expected, the headline is quite outrageous and the word ‘Navratri‘ is giving an impression that it is about Hindus. However, once you read the complete news, you will be shocked, as this news is about a Muslim family. The victim’s husband is working in a mosque, and the Father-in-law is a mechanic, and his name is Rashid Khan.

The police have arrested Rashid Khan, however, we are yet to establish any relation between Navratri and the crimes committed. What’s the role of Navratri in this heinous crime, and why it was there in the news in the first place?

When people raised their objection and accused AsiaNet of putting a highly misleading headline to defame Hindus and their festival, AsiaNet quietly changed the headline, without giving any sort of clarification or apology.

Picture Credit – AsiaNet

Here it is important to know that they are still using terms such as Bahu, Sasur, and Pati, which are the most commonly used terms in Hindu households. The article should instead use the correct terms such as “Shauhar” “Abbu Jaan” and “Begam” to provide the correct perspective and information.

Well, we have understood the nefarious and ludicrous game of Media here. They just want to put the Hindus in a bad light, come what may. We the Hindus must take a strong objection to any such attempt.

Asianet is an Indian Malayalam language general entertainment pay television channel operated by Asianet Star Communications. Asianet and its channels are owned by Asianet Star Communications, which is wholly owned by The Walt Disney Company India. They must tender an immediate apology and take stern action to prevent such misleading news in the future.


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