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Son of Shiv Sena leader from South Mumbai questioned by Mumbai police, claims a Local Marathi website.


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While CBI is still investigating and searching for the killers in the actor Sushant Singh Rajput case, the network of drug addicts and paddlers has been caught by the Mumbai Police. It is reported that the son of a prominent Shiv Sena deputy leader was arrested by the police on Monday evening. After that, the news of the Shiv Sena’s Youth Army officer being caught in the police trap in the drug trade case has put the Shiv Sena in a tight spot. This news has been reported by a prominent Marathi news website.

Source – http://www.mymahanagar.com/mumbai/shiv-sena-leader-son-detained-for-questioning-by-mumbai-police-in-case-of-drugs/218738/

A huge search operation has been launched by Mumbai Police along with the existing joint probe by CBI and NCB’s into the drug trade and drug trafficking in the city has come to light. Several drug paddlers and suppliers are currently on the police radar in this case. It includes political leaders, actors, builders, and several dignitaries in the fashion world.

On Monday evening, the son of a prominent Shiv Sena deputy leader was detained by the police for questioning. The son of the Shiv Sena leader, who resides in a luxurious area in Dubai, is looking forward to the elections from South Mumbai. This person is an office bearer of Yuva Sena, and working hard to contest the next municipal elections on Shiv Sena’s ticket

Mumbai Police has nabbed this person, and he has been questioned by the police. After this police inquiry, an atmosphere of uneasiness has been created among the Shiv Sena leaders. The move was initially seen as a political one, however, once the shocking information came out, the Shiv Sena believed to be taken aback.

Renowned Supreme court lawyer Prashant Patel has tweeted on the same issue. Though we cant confirm if this person is the same or not, but circumstances are putting the fingers towards him only.

This guy comes from a weighty political family in South Mumbai, who are trying to infiltrate the circle of Yuva Sena chief Aditya Thackeray for one reason or another, has been hit hard by the police probe.

A senior police official said that during the hour-long interrogation, this young lad was questioned about his upbringing in the Muslim-majority community in South Mumbai, his trips to Dubai, his home in Dubai and his friends in the Gulf country.

As per the sources, the Mumbai police has left this Shiv Sena leader’s son after the interrogation. But this is quite evident that there is a nexus of Politicians and Drug Paddlers which might be influencing the probe of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.


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