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Deepak tyagi beheaded in taliban style


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The news spread fast and caused commotion and outrage among locals, who staged a dharna, blocking a local highway for several hours. The protesters demanded recovery of the missing head

Six Muslim men have been detained by the police in connection with the alleged “execution” in the Taliban style of 22-year-old Khajuri village resident Deepak Tyagi, whose headless body was found on Tuesday, two days after he had vanished. The police is yet to recover his severed head.

As per the family, Deepak Tyagi, had gone to the fields with a servant. After returning he received a call and went out a second time, but never returned. He was the youngest among four girls and two boys of Dhirendra alias Bhagat ji from Khajuri village.

“Prima facie it appears like a murder over personal hatred; we are interviewing the suspects for a possible approach towards breaking this blind murder,” he said. It has come to light that Deepak Tyagi allegedly had a short fuse and had previously been implicated in two altercations.

We are focusing on all potential angles to investigate the murder, and the search for the missing head is also underway, according to Kumar, who claimed that Tyagi’s father told police that he had fights with many people in the village.

The agitated villagers however are staging protests in the area. Some are also helping police in the search for the head.

In the middle of the night, the police questioned several people, including the girl, but they turned up no leads. The blood splatter from the sugarcane field on the main road was telling the barbarity of this incident. The forensic team told that after beheading, the perpetrator carried him for 20 metres. Perhaps after that they would have taken it in a sack. Following the incident, enraged bystanders chanted anti-police slogans and refused to cremate the body without a head. Police have been sent in due to the unrest in the village. Know more in detail, after all the killers carried out this awful occurrence.

The victim’s family and angry villagers refused to cremate the body without the head. Villagers told that Deepak was killed in a Talibani style and then took away his head by beheading. After the post-mortem, Deepak’s body is kept in the house.
The family kept on mourning all night. The police declared the village a cantonment at night after observing the situation. The police were working through the night to persuade the victim’s family to have the body cremated in the morning. The cops will arrest the killers and recover the head. Mangeram Tyagi, the head of the Tyagi society at the Meerut commissionerate, will also arrive today to comfort the grieving family members.

According to SP Dehat Keshav Kumar, Deepak had a love affair with the daughter of a hairdresser of another group living in a neighbouring village. Evidence of the conversation between the two has been found by the police. Told that when Deepak’s family came to know about this, he got angry and snatched the son’s mobile and kept it with him. The police have taken out the CDR of both the mobiles. The girl and her family have been detained by police for interrogation. The victim’s family has also asked the authorities to check the angle of the girl.

The minister of state stayed in the community till late at night.
Till midnight, Minister Dinesh Khatik and his staff had set up camp in the community. They demanded that the police arrest the killers. He has been promising the family members of the victims that justice will be given. The combing of the police in search of Deepak’s head continued into the night.

Deepak’s father Dhirendra Tyagi is a calm person. possesses two sons and three daughters. Deepak was the younger son in the son. The marriages of two daughters. Dhirendra cultivates 80 bighas of land under contract in addition to his 65 bighas of land that he owns. In addition to farming, Dhirendra and his two sons operate a grocery store in the community.


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