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Simran, story of another Hindu girl, abducted, raped and converted to Islam in Pakistan, while Left liberal and Secular media turned a blind eye, as usual


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A scared Simran in her specs, wrapped in black shawl is being clandestinely forced to read Kalma to be converted to Islam, in a viral video. Simran, a Hindu girl, who was kidnapped from Mirpur Mathelo, Ghotki Sindh-Pakistan on 17 August, was sexually exploited by the kidnapper. Nandlal’s daughter, Simran, visibly in her teenage, was so frightened that she couldn’t speak to her mother properly, when she reached her home. Simran’s shaky body language tells the story of trauma and suffering she went through. Misery, agony and unbearable torture of Simran is story of every minority in Pakistan be it Hindu or Sikh’s daughter or any other minority’s daughter. In September 2019, Gurudwara’s PANTHI, Bhagwan Singh’s daughter, Jagjit Kaur was abducted, forced to be covered to Islam and was named Ayesha near Gurudwara Nankana Sahib in Pakistan. Raveena, 13, and Reena, 15, were taken hostage to meet the similar fate.

Such persecuted and oppressed Hindu families run away from Pakistan to India to save their young daughters from being raped and forced conversion. North Indian states like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan are full of Pakistani Hindu and Sikhs refugees. What is irony is such news hardly make headlines in Indian media. Left liberal and self proclaimed secular eco system—which shouted at the top of their voice to certify India as an intolerant country after Akhlaq was killed for allegedly stealing, killing and consuming a cow—turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to unspeakable amount of brutality inflicted to Pakistani Hindus.

Are Pakistani Hindu and Sikh children of lesser God? Are Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs born to be suppressed, oppressed, abducted and converted to Islam? Absolutely NO. Modi government turned saviour for such persecuted minorities such as Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist and Christian in Pakistan, when they passed Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB) on 10 December 2019 in Lok Sabha and subsequently it was passed in Rajya Sabha on 11 December 2019 with due debate. The legislation is applicable to Pakistani religiously persecuted minorities, who arrived in India on or before December 31, 2014. After the President of India gave his assent on 12 December 2019, CAB assumed the status of an act CAA. CAA came into force on 10 January 2020 when seven refugees from Pakistan were given citizenship by Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya.

When Modi government took a concrete step to save persecuted girls like Simran and Jagjit Kaur, Left liberal and self proclaimed secular eco system—who were silent at Pakistani minorities brutal conversion—suddenly swung into action to criticise and condemn the Modi government. They demanded CAA should include Muslims, too. Hence, India should give citizenship to both hunter and prey; Simran and Jagjit Kaur and their kidnappers—who exploited them sexually.

When Modi government didn’t bow to their agenda, Left liberal and self proclaimed secular didn’t hesitate to join hands with Islamist Jihadi, who rioted and burnt Delhi city, killing 50 innocent lives in North East Delhi.

  • Safoora Zargar, 27-year-old M. Phil. student from Jamia, hailing from Kashmir audaciously called PM Modi and Home Minister, Amit Shah, terrorists and she threatened to strip them of their citizenship in a viral video. Didn’t she wage war against the nation, because Modi govt want to protect persecuted minorities in Pak?
  • A highly qualified Sharjeel Imam—who was aware of the fact that CAA doesn’t affect any Indian citizen—however, not only he conspired to coordinate ‘Shaheen Bagh’ protest, but he openly instigated Muslims to wage a war against India when he called for Muslims to cut off Assam from rest of the country.
  • Umar Khalid—who shouted slogan of “भारत की बर्बादी तक जंग रहेगी जारी” in JNU—knows all the clauses and conditions of CAA, still he blatantly threatened to create 100 Shaheen Baghs across the country.
  • Poster girls of Jamia Milia Islamia Riots, Ladeeda Sakhaloon and Aysha Renna, posted many posts on Facebook shouting war cry against KAAFIRS. These Islamists were fully supported by eco system of Left liberal and self proclaimed seculars.

Over 1000 Non-Muslim girls are converted to Islam annually, says Pakistan’s Human Rights Panel, when Muslims are in majority. It is no secret why Hindu population has reduced to mere 2%. India has received lacs of Pakistani refugees, who are living in its northern states. But, such brutality is neither reported by Indian media nor it is raised on international platform.

Indian cities are burnt, be it Delhi or be it Bangalore by Islamist Jihadis when Muslims are in minority. Nevertheless, they would continue to play victim card supported by eco systems of Left liberals and Islamist Jihadis. With implementation of CAA fight has not ended, but battle has just begun to help Pakistani religiously persecuted minorities, who have no God to help.

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