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Shocking Revelation : Wikileaks Exposes how senior Congress leader Kamal Nath leaked India’s Nuclear Secrets to USA


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The Congress party and its leaders have been infamous for notoriously playing with our National Security. It is their habit to compromise our national security and sovereignty to fulfill their political interests. We have seen how Rahul Gandhi have been criticizing Indian Democracy and going one step ahead, he has been asking the Western Nations to intervene into India’s internal matters.

In a new addition to this list is the senior Congress leader and possibly the contender of Chief Minister post in the poll-bound state of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath. According to revelation by WikiLeaks cable from the emergency era, the Madhya Pradesh Congress President, Kamalnath who was then Sanjay Gandhi’s confidant in West Bengal, had passed on classified, sensitive information to US consul general Korn, that India was in the process of making two more nuclear bombs and has plans for one more ‘Peaceful explosion’. Kamal Nath had made the observation in the context of a discussion of India-US relations.

As per the reports, Kamal Nath had lunch with two senior US diplomats at the apartment of one of them. There he gave them an overview of what he was doing behind the scenes with Sanjay Gandhi. He narrated them about a plan to throw out then Congress’ West Bengal chief minister Sidharth Shankar Ray and Orissa CM Nandini Satpathy as Sanjay Gandhi considered both to be “dangerous Leftists”.

This plan was also being hitched as Kamal Nath wanted the Chief Minister ship of West Bengal to go to the Power Minister ABA Ghani Khan Choudhury from whom Kamal Nath obtained a large contract for his company that manufactured Electrical Cables as per reports.

It was during this lunch meeting with US diplomats, Kamal Nath revealed the sensitive information concerning the security of nation to US diplomats. He boasted about India’s plan to detonate a second nuclear device, as stated in report by India Today

The cable also added the Kamal Nath may take “delight in giving the impression that he is privy to sensitive information about India’s nuclear program.

It was also revealed in the cable that one of the insiders from Congress party has claimed that Kamal Nath was bribing parliamentarians with planes and private jets in the run-up to the Nuclear Deal No Confidence Vote that the UPA won in 2008.

Who is Kamal Nath?

He was elected for Lok Sabha for the first time in the year 1980, and since then he has only ascended in the party hierarchy. Kamalnath was a close friend of Sanjay Gandhi since school time. He was involved in countless horrendous activities carried out by Sanjay Gandhi during emergency era.

Four years after the death of Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi was killed by her Sikh body guards, and that’s when Kamal Nath, ostensibly, displayed his unflinching loyalty towards the party. Always known for his strong-arm tactics to browbeat his opponents, Kamal Nath’s involvement in 1984 Sikh riots, when 8000 innocent Sikhs were massacred, didn’t surprise many; albeit years later he walked away scot-free, and the Sikh community of India was left flabbergasted.


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