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Is BBC responsible for 2 Million excess deaths in Europe due to censoring the dangers of COVID Vaccines??


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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is among the oldest and most reputed Media organization in the World. It considers itself as in-charge of the Ministry of Truth, which the government of the United Kingdom established in 2019, in response of growing volume of false information and fake news flowing online.

The Government called it the Ministry of Truth or The Trusted News Initiative (TNI). The AP, AFP, First Draft, Google/YouTube, Twitter, Reuters, Financial Times, Meta (Facebook), European Broadcasting Union, CBC/Radio-Canada, The Hindu, Microsoft, and The Washington Post are just a few of the influential partners in the BBC’s Trusted News Initiative.

It is the only “platform” of its sort in the entire world created to accept information that has not been authorized by The Ministry of Truth in real-time.

To ensure that only information endorsed by strong governments and other strong institutions, like the BBC, the UN, and the World Economic Forum (WEF), reached the public, the Ministry of Truth quickly established a set of rigid standards and guidelines for news organizations to adhere to.

Fact-checking, transparency, and impartiality were among the norms that were emphasized, and news organizations that were found to be disseminating material that had not been endorsed by strong governments or other influential institutions were subject to harsh penalties.

This new Ministry of Truth began to extend its influence beyond simply news organizations as it grew in strength and influence.

Powerful Governments and other influential organizations claimed that scientists and experts in a variety of subjects needed to have their research and conclusions “vetted” for accuracy and bias. As a result, scientists and experts in other fields were also brought under the Ministry’s (The Trusted News Initiative) jurisdiction.

The harsh repercussions that media outlets, specialists, scientists, and anybody who dared to write or tell the truth had to endure were as follows:

Loss of livelihood: News organizations that failed to comply with the Ministry of Truth’s standards were defunded and smeared in an attempt to shut them down. While scientists and experts who challenged the official narrative lost their jobs or were prevented from publishing their research.

Harassment and intimidation: The Ministry of Truth also used its power to intimidate and harass individuals who challenged the official narrative.

This included sending threatening messages, spreading false information about them online, or even physically stalking or attacking them. The Ministry of Truth’s (TheTrusted News Initiative) strategy was quite effective in preventing the dissemination of accurate information that jeopardized their attempts to completely dominate the information landscape.

Experts and scientists were effectively kept in the dark, with any research or conclusions that didn’t support the government’s version of events about COVID-19 being labeled as “fake news.”

It also resulted in a culture where people were reluctant to express their opinions, where governments exercised excessive control over what people knew and believed, and where freedom of expression and independent thought were suppressed.

The Ministry only provided the public with material it deemed to be “true,” although frequently this meant withholding crucial information that may have saved lives.

While Europe saw 382k excess deaths in 2021 and 309k excess deaths by November 2022, the US experienced over 700k excess deaths in 2021 and an additional 360k excess deaths by November 11th 2022. Ukraine is not included in these statistics.

In Australia, there were only 1,303 extra deaths in 2020, but after the Covid-19 vaccine was introduced, there were 11,042 extra deaths, an increase of 747 percent. In Australia, there were 18,973 excess fatalities by the end of July 2022, a rise of 1,356% from the previous year. This is an excess of deaths in 7 months more than in the two years prior put together.

In the US, 1,700 more people died by week 38 of 2022 compared to week 38 of 2020, and 109k more died by week 38 of 2021 compared to week 38 of 2020. These numbers prove that deaths increased rather than decreased following the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, there were over 1 million excess deaths in the US between 2021 and November 2022.

While official figures from EuroMOMO, provided by 28 European countries including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, show over 690k excess deaths in Europe by November 2022.

Australia, Canada, and New Zealand also had significant numbers of excess deaths, though their overall populations are smaller.

In total, the “Five Eyes” and most of Europe had 1,103,592 excess deaths in 2021 and 716,133 excess deaths by November 2022.

This adds up to over 1.8 million excess deaths since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine.

This data is contrary to the official narrative that the vaccination is secure and efficient and will lower the death rate. And based on these numbers alone, it appears that the Covid-19 vaccinations are mostly to blame for the increased mortality rates in the “Five Eyes” and Europe.

But data that the UK government surreptitiously released but did not publicly announce make the aforementioned assertion unquestionably true.

The population of England was more likely to die of any cause than the population who had not received any vaccinations as of May 2022, the most recent month for which data were available. This was true for all age categories.

This demonstrates that the Covid-19 injections have caused excess deaths and still do.

Due to the above figures (which can be viewed in detail broken down by age here) being age-standardized and rates per 100,000 population, they are indisputable evidence that the Covid-19 injections increase the risk of death and are killing people.

These are just a few of the unfortunate effects that the public has had to endure since the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the UK Government established the Ministry of Truth, also known as The Trusted News Initiative, in 2019.

The issue is that the Ministry of Truth still exists and that it continues to gain power and control over information.


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