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Shocking – A Hindu Sadhu committed suicide after being harassed by a Christian Police Officer of Tamilnadu

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In a shell shocking incident, Saravanan a Hindu Sadhu committed suicide after releasing a video, where he alleged that he was beaten up by the Tamilnadu Police. In his heartwrenching video, Saravanan was stating that he was abused, harrassed and beaten up by a Christian Sub-Inspector Anthony Michael.

Saravanan, who seen furious in this video, further alleged that he is unable to tolerate this humiliation and harassment and decided to commit suicide to end his misery. Before committing suicide, he decided to shot this video and delivered a scathing speech against the Tamilnadu police Sub Inspector Anthony.

Saravanan hailed from Puliyampatti Village in Namakkal district of Tamilnadh. He was known as a very kind-hearted person who used to performs rituals to Lord Shiva in a nearby temple to earn his bread and butter. As per locals, he was with his family when Police officer Anthony Michael barged in and beat him brutally, he couldn’t bear this massive humiliation and decided to end his life in agony. His body was found inside a nearby forest in a decayed condition.

People are extremely angry with incident and raising their voice on Social Media. People are trending #JusticeForSaravanan to bring this news to Tamilnadu Government so that an adequate action could be taken against the guilty police officer.

People on social media are accusing the Government and Authorities of not acting against the guilty officer to preserve their secular credentials. People are saying If the situation was opposite and the victim’s name was Alex and the culprit name was Hindu, Tamilnadu Government and Police would have intervened by now. But they are keeping mum as the victim is Hindu and culprit is Christian, such an apathy we Hindus are facing in our own country.

In recent times we have seen many such incidents against Hindu Sadhus, who can forget the infamous Palghar killing of Hindu Sadhus? We are a nation, where Governments hardly take interests in such matters against killing of Hindus, this has to be changed.

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