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Seer Vijay Das protesting against illegal mining dies after self-immolation


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Seer Vijay Das, who set himself on fire in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, to protest against unauthorized mining, died. Seer was taken from Jaipur to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital in severe condition.

As a result of the state administration’s “failure” to address their complaint about illicit mining in Rajasthan, saints in Rajasthan have called for a big uprising against it.

“Sant Samaj has been holding demonstrations for a while. The active land mafia, however, has prevented any attempt to address this pressing issue.

Unfortunately, this industry is expanding with the help of politicians. Due to the legend that Shri Krishna and the cows played on these hills, they hold sacred importance.

The guilty should face harsh punishment. The seers will convene a conference to discuss a vigorous protest, “Raghvacharya, a Rewasa Dham seer, told IANS.

On July 20, seer Vijay Das famously set himself on fire.
His 16-year-old granddaughter will say her ultimate farewell to him later that day when his body is brought to Barsana in Uttar Pradesh.

The anti-mining sit-in protest by Sant Samaj lasted for nearly 500 days. A second seer was also perched on a portable tower. Vijay Das set himself on fire, forcing the government to concede to the saint’s demands and put a stop to the movement.

Sant Vijay Das lived in the Haryana hamlet of Badala in the Faridabad district. He was formerly known as Madhusudan Sharma before he became a monk. In an accident, his son and daughter-in-law died.

He had brought his granddaughter to the Man Mandir in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh, after their passing. Sant Vijay Das had enrolled his granddaughter Durga in the Gurukul, where he met Sant Ramesh Baba and became a member of the group of sages. He was given the new name of Baba Vijaydas here.

He eventually joined the campaign to halt mining in the sacred Adibadri and Kankanchal sites in 2017. One and a half years ago, he was appointed Mahant of Pasopa Nath Temple in Pasopa Village. He was entirely in charge of running the temple. By midday, his remains would be transported to Barsana following the post-mortem in Delhi.

Baba’s last rituals were supposed to be carried out in Pasopa in Bharatpur, but the authorities urged the sages and locals to do them at Barsana instead, citing the REET test.

On this, a Sant Samaj gathering was organized, and the last rituals at Barsana were decided upon. For a long time, Baba Vijay Das also resided at the Barsana Man Mandir.

The last rituals will be performed adjacent to Barsana’s Man Mandir, according to his close friend and saint Radhakrishna Shastri.

The sadhus and peasants will be driven from Pasopa to Barsana by ten buses by the Bharatpur district administration.


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