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‘Secular’ Shiv Sena sealed an alliance with Owaisi’s AIMIM for Amravati Municipal Elections


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Politics is an interesting field, where you never know what could happen next. Shiv Sena, which was known as a hardliner Hindutva party since ages, has shed that image to assume power in Maharashtra.

Shiv Sena sealed an alliance with Congress and NCP to keep BJP away from power and to make Uddhav Thackeray the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Now, Shiv Sena has done one more unbelievable act, which even the staunchest Shive Sena supporter wont be able to digest.

Shiv Sena, in a desperate attempt to showcase its ‘Secular’ credentials, has sealed an alliance with hardliner Muslim political party AIMIM, which is led by Owaisi. Well, this may seem unrealistic, but it’s true.

Despite having a strong fundamental difference in their ideology and mindset, both parties have entered into an alliance for the Standing Committee President polls in the Amravati Municipal Corporation, reported by TV-9 Marathi.

According to the report, Shiv Sena will now contest the Amravati Municipal Corporation Committee elections in alliance with AIMIM.

Here it is important to know that in the last Amravati Municipal Corporation elections conducted in 2017, the Bharatiya Janata Party won 42 out of 87 seats. Shiv Sena managed to bag 9 Congress 16 and AIMIM 10.

It seems, Shiv Sena is desperately trying to make every effort to take away the reigns from the hands of BJP this time, That’s why it has got into this unholy alliance with AIMIM, which until yesterday was railing against the “communal” Shiv Sena in Maharashtra. Well, that’s the politics, and it is highly unpredictable.


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