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Sameer Wankhede Attacked – Why Bollywood, Drug Mafia, and Maharashtra Govt is against NCB Zonal Chief?


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The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has opened a can of worms when it raided the cruise liner. It has arrested 20 people till now, and this has become a high-profile case since Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan’s son has been arrested and jailed for drug abuse.

The NCB has been on target of Bollywood and Political parties since last year, especially its Zonal Chief Sameer Wankhede is on the constant radar of all adversaries, due to his no-nonsense and robust approach against the menace of drug abuse.

NCB has been conducting multiple raids and have arrested many high profile people, and as per sources, many influential people may be called by NCB in the coming days, and this is making Bollywood and Maharashtra Government very nervous, and that is why they have initiated a coordinated attack against NCB zonal chief Sameer Wankhede.

NCP leader and Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik called the cruise drug case ‘fake’, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik, and alleged that agency is misleading Mumbai’s Special Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) court.

The Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamedon Sunday also alleged that the raid conducted by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on a cruise ship in Mumbai and subsequent action against some persons was an attempt to deflect attention from the “real issue” of the drugs seizure at Mundra port in Gujarat.

NCP’s Nawab Malik aggressively attacked Wankhede and said that he won’t stop until he puts the official in jail. The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader has leveled several allegations against Wankhede, including running an extortion racket in cahoots with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Accusing Wankhede of filing fake cases against celebrities, Malik said that the NCB official will lose his job within a year.

He said that “How can a family friend be a part of the raids? The agency has been indulging in selective leaks related to the raids to defame the government and the film industry. Many actors were raided and paraded by the agency. It needs to be checked if there was any big game behind all these raids,”.

According to Malik, after the raid, Wankhede had said eight to 10 people were held and the NCB had let off two persons later with one of them being the brother-in-law of a “high-profile” BJP leader.
“How can an official who conducts an entire operation give an indefinite answer? If 10 people were held then why were two people let off? And of the two, one was the brother-in-law of a high-profile BJP leader,” he said.

“Tell us who your father is, the one who is putting pressure? Nawab Malik is not going to be scared of anyone’s father whatever pressure you may try to put on me. I will not stop until I put you in jail, I would like to make this clear today,” Malik added.

Wankhede, responding to the allegations, vowed legal action against the Maharashtra minister. “I am a very small government servant. He might be a big minister. If to serve the country, I am imprisoned, then I welcome it. I have never been to Dubai. There are mechanisms to check where a person is This is completely false. I have never been to Dubai with my sister. The date that Nawab Malik has given is false. For the last 15 days, my family is being attacked,” he said.

Sameer Wankhede along with his seniors in the bureau, on Monday, met Maharashtra director-general of police Sanjay Pandey and complained that some people were following him for the past few days. The NCB officials have already submitted the evidence and CCTV footage to Mumbai Police for further investigation.

Here the question is, why entire Bollywood and Maharashtra Government and its partners are after Sameer Wankhede? Has he caught some big fish, which may expose the Bollywood+Mafia+Maharahstra government nexus?


  1. Be it the NCB or those accused by the agency, truth must be allowed to prevail and the guilty be punished as per law.

    Personal attacks on Sameer Wankhede, the unnatural and ferocious interest shown by politicians and bollywood suggests that there is a lot at stake for them to lose if the probe is allowed to reach its logical conclusion.

    Just hope that Wankhede’s seniors, judiciary (High Court, Supreme Court etc.) at all levels, central agencies and ruling political leadership do not lose thier nerves and take actions (transfer Wankhede or case closure). If that happens, it will be a tragedy.

    This case is a test of nerves and integrity not just for Sameer Wankhede but also for the judiciary, lawyers and the police.


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