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RVS Mani’s ‘DECEPTION – A Family That Deceived The Whole Nation’ – An Explosive book launched by Bollywood Director Vivek Agnihotri


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On an auspicious occasion of 75th Indian Independence Day, the most awaited book of this year, i.e., DECEPTION – A Family That Deceived The Whole Nation has been launched by renowned Bollywood Director Vivek Agnihotri Ji. The virtual event streamed via Facebook Live in an august presence of the Author Sh. RVS Mani Ji and was facilitated by Pramod Buravalli.

This book is a saga of the corrupt dynastic politics of one party & family that did everything in its means to divide the nation into communal lines. Well, we are sure you might have got the hint of the political party or the family we are talking about. Yes, we are talking about Gandhi’s Family and Indian National Congress.

This book covers the evil deeds of one Dynasty that crumbled the foundation of Bharat, a country with a heritage and legacy of the greatest civilization, history, and technology was paralyzed by the British and later by the corrupt dynasty of the Indian National Congress.

The book discusses the journey of a man (Sh. RVS Mani) who dared to stand up to the dubious ecosystem and how he was targeted using all the machinery of the ruling Congress party. The book exposes how critical Intelligence inputs were manipulated by the party to pitch two ethnic groups against one another, only appeasing the minorities and planting the fake narrative of Saffron terror.

The book uncovers so many dark secrets of Indian Politics and gives a shocking reality check. It has been written so well, and every incident and its background has been covered so neatly that sometimes a reader may feel so terrified that they were ruled by such politicians all this while, who deceived the whole country for their nefarious agenda.

Sh. RVS Mani is an accomplished writer, whose previous book ‘Hindu Dahashatvad Navache Thotand‘ was an exposé on how the narrative of the falsehood of Hindu terror was conceived and propagated in the country. An attempt has been made in this book — Deception, to capture the intrinsic working of the Government through the triumphs and tribulations of the central character — Kalyan.

Sh RVS Mani exposed how critical information which is testified by intelligence agencies is also manipulated by the Government which is in pursuit of a larger political conspiracy by blaming Hindus to placate the other ethnic group, that is Muslims. Such acts were perpetuated only to appease the Minority community and make them captive voters of the Indian National Congress.

Book launched amid intriguing discussion

The book was launched amid an engaging discussion on several current issues such as Independence, Secularism, the Value of Democracy, the Gang of Communism and Islamist, and other prevailing issues including Afghanistan. Sh Vivek Agnihotri Ji appreciated the way Mr. Mani wrote this book and included several explosive pieces of information, which were unheard of so far.

Vivek Ji and Mani Ji appreciated the attempt of Trunicle India Pvt Ltd. and Anant Shrivastava for taking a brave step to publish this book and create a Hindutva-based ecosystem, which may be extremely beneficial in the future.

Are we up for a Spy thriller?

The learned author and other participants made several important revelations about the book, how deception was orchestrated with Indians, and how an imaginary character Kalyan faced a lot of challenges to unearth this grave conspiracy against our Nation.

The book has been written like a spy thriller saga. Event Facilitator Pramod Ji asked a question to Vivek Agnihotri, that “is he willing to produce a movie or a series on this book”, to which Vivek Agnihotri replied that “he is very much impressed with the writing style of RVS Mani Ji, and the book is nothing less than a spy thriller screenplay, and he will read the book and think about further plans”.

Well, the answer to this question indeed lies in the future, though we wish if we have a graphical representation of this book someday in the future. However, for the time being, you can buy it online. The book has been published by Trunicle India Pvt Ltd and it can be ordered on Amazon at the following link.


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