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Ruckus on Diwali in Canada: Khalistan supporters insulted the tricolor, angry Indians gave a befitting reply


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Canada has which has become an unofficial haven for Khalistani elements. An attempt has been made to harass Indians celebrating Diwali. Many Khalistani goons, who were carrying the flag of Khalistan surrounded the Indian people and disrupted their Diwali program, besides these people also treated the Indian flag with disrespect. Due to which the angry Indians gave a strong reply to the supporters of Khalistan in their own language.

The incident took place in the Canadian city of Mississauga, where the Indian community had gathered to celebrate Diwali. During the celebration of Diwali, Khalistani separatists came there and started abusing the Indians celebrating the festival. After this, there was an altercation between the two groups, which soon turned into a scuffle and a fight. After this the Khalistanis started showing their flag and started shouting anti-Indian slogans.

A video of this incident has also surfaced in which Indian supporters are showing the tricolor flag, while Khalistani supporters are showing the flag of Khalistan. According to sources, after this the Khalistanis insulted the Indian flag, due to which the Indian people gave a befitting reply to the Khalistanis and seeing the anger and resistance of the Indian community, the Khalistani elements left from there.

According to the police, one person has also been injured in this violent clash, who has been admitted to the hospital and is undergoing treatment. However, the police have not arrested any Khalistani supporter so far. According to police constable Mandeep Khatra, there have been separate clashes on Diwali, fortunately there has been no major violent incident reported.

He further told that we got information that there was a fight between two groups, after which the police reached the spot. Hundreds of people gathered there, who were celebrating the festival of Diwali. The police reached there and requested both the parties to maintain peace. There was additional deployment of police in the area on account of Diwali, following this incident the police team patrolled the whole night.

According to the local people, the pro-Khalistani supporters have been carrying out such violent attacks against Indians for some time now. Even before this, the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Park built in Brampton city has been vandalized, on which the local administration did not take any action. The police act only for show, but never arrest the Khalistani elements, due to which the morale of those people has been increasing.

Conspiracy to revive Khalistani terror in Canada

The violence by Khalistan supporters in Mississauga is in a way a part of a conspiracy to revive Khalistani terror against India. With this type of violence, Khalistani terrorists try to pressure Indians living in Canada, so that they can be intimidated and their support can be taken and then they can be misused in programs like Khalistani Referendum.

You must be aware that an anti-India terrorist organization named ‘Sikhs for Justice’, which is banned in many cities of Canada, is conducting a plebiscite. The referendum is believed to be internally supported by the Canadian government. In this context, India had also issued an advisory for its citizens on 22 September, in which they were asked to be careful against acts of violence, assault and provocation.

In the name of independent Khalistan, this organization works to instigate the overseas Indian Sikh community of Canada, America and England. Sikh for Justice chief Gurpatwant Singh Pannu has been put in the list of terrorists by the Indian government. His properties have also been confiscated by the NIA. But even after this, this organization is not deterring from its anti-India activities.

It is believed that many ministers of the Government of Canada openly support this organization. At the same time, overseas Indian businessmen also provide financial assistance to this organization, along with this, Khalistani elements also dominate the management committees of the Gurdwaras in these countries.

This is another reason why Khalistanis are easily influenced by the migrant Sikh community. The government of Pakistan and their intelligence agency ISI openly support the Khalistani movement behind the scenes. But it is necessary to understand one more thing that only those who support this type of terrorist organization and separatist movements have to suffer loss one day or the other.

The Canadian government is currently supporting these elements to secure its vote bank, but the day is not far when these same people will create law and order problems in Canada, and then it is very difficult for the Canadian administration to control them.


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