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RSS Seva Bharti: Working silently for the flood relief in Assam, these are the men who must be Real idols of our Youth.


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While the entire country is indulged in a never-ending issue of Bollywood and Drug cartel, we are forgetting the most important fact that most of the states are reeling under the impact of massive flood and rain. While the media is focussing only on the on-screen Heroes, we don have some real-life heroes who are putting their herculean efforts to help the devastated brothers and sisters in North East, the area mired with the excruciating flood.

As per the Government’s assessment, more than 50 lakh people have been badly affected in 28 districts Assam. The severity of the flood is so intense, that thousands of families have been forced to take shelter on highways, Railway tracks, and other high ground, where they had to live in makeshift camps and leaving the village behind.

More than 4000 villages have been affected and the total crop area affected by the flood is more than 2 Lakh hectares. As per ASDMA (Assam State Disaster Management Authority) flood report, many districts are still reeling under floodwaters.

Under such an intense situation, Seva Bharati, Purbanchal (SBP) started a massive Relief and Rehabilitation effort in all the flood-affected districts of Assam. Seva Bharti is a voluntary organization, which works as an umbrella organization of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and it is known for its rigorous social services.

It is an NGO, a non-political, non-profiting voluntary organization established in the year 2001. Since its inception, the organization has been devoting its skill knowledge and commitment the society with a group of experienced and trained social workers.

Picture Credit – VSK Bharat

Seva Bharti enjoys the support of its dedicated members, who come from all walks of life. It organized various relief camps in several districts of Assam with support of the local people, professionals, and organizations. These relief camps provide Free Medical Camp, Free Goods, and Edible items, Cleanness and Hygiene products along with rescue missions and counseling for the flood-affected people and their families.

Picture Credit – Sevabharthi Telangana

Seva Bharti has organized 22 Medical Camps with the support of the National Medicos Organisation (NMO). As per their estimates, more than 3,000 individuals have been benefitted from these medical camps, they have received treatment for mild and serious ailments. Seva Bharti Volunteers are also distributing Phenyl and Bleaching Powder to the families in flood-affected areas, to help them maintain some level of hygiene and cleanliness. They have distributed 1500 liters of Phenyl and more than 1000 Kg of Bleaching powder so far.

Picture Credit – sevabharatipurbanchal

Seva Bharti’s Free Goods distribution camps have been organized in various flood-affected districts of Assam. They have distributed more than 50,000 Liters of packaged drinking water and 10,000 Cartons of Biscuit so far. Along with these materials, Seva Bharti is also distributing other materials such as rice, pulses, clothes, mosquito coils to the flood-affected people.

Sewa Bharati Purbanchal is also calling several other NGOs, professionals, and individuals to come forward and contribute the following items for the help of the flood-affected people: 

  1. Water Purifiers
  2. Bleaching Powder and Phenyl
  3. Goods, Foods, Clothes for daily use
  4. Material and Equipment for home use
  5. Medicines for Health
  6. Construction Materials and Equipment
  7. Educational Kits for students

Seva Bharti is known for its impeccable service record, it was among the first NGOs which offered help during Kerala flood. It even stepped in to help the people in Corona-virus-affected areas in Kerala. Seva Bharati workers distributed masks and other sanitation materials to the people in multiple corona impacted districts of Kerala.

Objectives of Seva Bharti

The primary objective of the Seva Bharti is to give immediate relief and rehabilitate the victims of natural calamities, road accidents etc. Assisting & Educating orphans. The following are the other objectives of Seva Bharti.

  • Conduct and sponsor seminars in different localities for general awareness of people’s right for involvement decentralizes of power especially in the development program by Govt.
  • Protect and preserve social justice to all concerned. Seva Bharti sponsors and runs educational institutes to spread literacy with the help of the TLC organized district. It awards a scholarship to the poor and meritorious students starting from primary to higher education for their prosperity.
  • Establish an old age home for family-less people.
  • Fight for need-based and area-based development programs like road, school, and community centers offered by Govt.
  • Fight for assistance to the poorest of the poor in society. It would establish first aid centers’ maternity and health service units and provide domestic treatment and sanitation services. It would aware of the people against afforestation & pollution. It also emphasizes to eradicate the problems.
  • Promote self-help especially for women folk in society.
  • Organize camps, seminars, conferences, youth festivals & street dramas to create an atmosphere for general awareness, social awakening, mobilization against evil.
  • Protect & preserve Indian Culture & Tradition.

Source – Sevabharti.in

We must appreciate the way Seva Bharti always pitch in to help the needy people. This is a selfless service organization, which never takes any money from the people in need, it only collects the donations from society and provides the necessary materials and services to the people in need.

In our opinion, we feel that our Youth should be made aware of the deeds of such a selfless organization, as they are our real heroes and should be idolized. This is what our culture and dharma teach us, to help others and consider the entire World as Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. We hail the efforts of Seva Bharti and we wish them the very best for all their future endeavors.


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