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Restrictions only on Hindu fest, will the MVA govt follow the Bombay HC ruling to have resrticted celebration of Bakra eid.

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While there is an ongoing chaos and debate on celebrating Bakra Eid due to the increasing number of covid-19 cases in Mumbai,an order dated 6th August 2019 of Honorable Bombay high court states that any slaughtering of animal should not happen in flats, residential areas or societies to ensure public safety ,hygiene and sanitation.It had also directed the state to spread awareness regarding Bakra eid. Though the state has circulated a notification dated 17th July 2020 urging people to celebrate a symbolic Eid the clear definition on this is has not been explained.
According to the official records of Maharashtra nearly every year 2.5 lakh animals are brought from different states into Mumbai and it takes almost 3,000 helpers to transport these animals.

As per WHO, covid-19 virus is also found in the animals and we need to regulate the bakri Eid festival or else it can have serious consequences. Now imagine these trip and thousands of workers entering the city without any test or being quarantined… what a disastrous act it could be! There are certain food and safety acts which has to be followed but has been left unnoticed .The act clearly states that the slaughtering has to be practiced within the slaughtering premises which has a licence and a proper system for the disposing the waste. The fear within an animal of been killed develops and enzymes in them that can be harmful to the human health. Hence the guidelines also states that for the hygienic reasons the sacrificial animal must be made unconscious before slaughtering them.But it is observed that every time most of the laws and regulations have been kept on stake.

It has to be seen that the MVA government of Maharashtra which had impose lot of regulation and restrictions on the Hindu festivals,will it follow the same regulation and guidelines during this corono time for Bakra Eid festival?


Author – Anita Gaur

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