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TEJAS demand sores, First Malaysia then Australia and others.


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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) owned a contract by government last year for manufacturing 83 TEjas jets to be delivered by 2023. Indian government awarded Rs. 48,000 crore to the state-owned manufacturer.

Tejas spotted in the news recently due to its demand and its non-negotiable  primary choice factor. The indigenous Tejas fighter jet is Malaysia’s first choice. The aircraft competed with the complete developed aircrafts of China, USA, Russia and South Korea. The feature in Tejas apparently surpassed its contemporaries.

“tejas is fully capable of carrying a load of eight to nine tonnes. It can fly with as many weapons and missiles as Sukhoi, which weighs more. Its biggest advantage is its speed. Despite being light, its speed is unmatched. These aircraft can fly as fast as the speed of sound, I.e., MACH 1.6 to 1.8, up at an altitude of 52000 feet, Defence expert, Qamar Agha said.

He furthered, “the Tejas Mark-1A is also costlier than the Sukhoi-30MKI fighter aircraft because many latest equipment have been added to it. For example, it has radar developed in Israel. Apart from this, the aircraft also has an indigenously developed radar. It is very light and its fighter power is also better. It is a multifunctional fighter aircraft.

Tejas is equipped with an active electronically-scanned radar for critical operation capability. It can refuel in the air and be ready for combat again. It can target enemy aircraft from a distance. Not only this, it also has the ability to dodge the enemy’s radar.

India has offered to sell 18 light combat aircraft TEJAS to Malaysia, the defence ministry said on Friday. Added that Argentina, Australia, Egypt, the United States, Indonesia, and the Phillippines have expressed interest in procurement of jet.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s keen desire to reduce reliance on foreign defence equipment has also been making diplomatic efforts to export the jets. The Tejas has been beset by design and other challenges, and was once rejected by the Indian Navy as too heavy.

Amid the recent mishap involving the crash of MIG 21 fighter jet that the claimed the lives of two pilots of the Indian Air Force, many demanded to introduce a new and improved plane in arsenal. The technology however according to defence experts, is much efficient than that of many aircrafts used in operations so far.

The technology that india used so far in combats and operations was borrowed either from Russia or Israel. On the other hand, every such deal signed with USA came up with restrictions to use. India someday had to commit otherwise to introduce its own technology in every sphere of the forces. Indian forces now play an important part in defining the global structure and power play. The side India choose can perhaps jeopardize the enemy nations. The emergence continues…


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