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Lal Singh Chaddha flops, yet theatres introduce innovative style to market.


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Recently, there has been a lot of hue and cry over the possible reasons that made film a flop in India. Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer have been a flop due to many reasons. Apparently, the primary is Amir Khan’s double standard formula mix with Kareena Kapoor arrogance attract unimaginable hate.

Secondary is the adaptation of Forest Gump critiqued by many as substandard, and non-genuine element. The trend of boycotting this picture is somewhere responsible but also the credit is to inefficient screenplay and similar adaptation from left right and centre.

The timeline of project considered by Amir Khan however, comes up with a narrative. From ‘Fana to Lal Singh Chaddha, Khan never dodged any moment to ascertain a counter-balancing narrative. From justifying a terrorist’s killings to irresponsibly targeting beliefs of a particular religion, Amir Khan never set out a movie that avoided that narrative. However, the exception exists.

The adaptation of this movie is wretched when there’s a comparison between two scenarios, one of original and of Lal Singh Chaddha. Forest Gump was critical/parody take on the American Military establishment, that uses brute force to subdue other nations to enforce it’s writ, in the context of Vietnam war. The remake on the other hand, is falsely equating above scenario with the war fought by Indian soldiers to throw out the invaders during Kargil war.

The comparison of two is unequitable.

As the movie prove to be unauthentic and unattractive to global public. Theatres in India comes up with the strategy to sell their unsold tokens. The theatres on the booking app shows an odd seat representation to attract consumer and not let them feel alone in theatre. The accuracy of a movie’s business is more often found by the number of the tickets sold. The attached image will clarify the contentions.


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